My first attempt at some astrophotography & best coins of last week


I finally got to use my telescope and the moon was so nice to look at, through the scope you could see the craters nice and crisp so i decided to try and use my phone to take a pic through the lens, i did take about 10 images but it is almost impossible as it is difficult to focus but i did manage one semi decent image and i have ordered a mount for my phone to get better pics.


I also noticed that the image was flipped left to right so i have adjusted it and put the landmarks that you can see in the image.


I also got a few nice coins this week, the first one is an 1885 O morgan dollar which is probably in the fine condition but there is also evidence of it being in a mount. The coin is worth about £25 in this condition and being iconic it will be easy to sell.


I also picked up 2 nice British crowns with the best being the 1821 George IIII crown and for being 200 years old it is really nice. The other crown is more modern and fairly common but still collectable. The 1821 crown has a value of around £50 and the 1935 around £20, the 1821 crown is an easy sale and the 1935 should be fairly quick.




I tried to get a few moon photos in the past wit my phone camera, it always ends up fuzzy. Takes decent coin shots, but the moon? Uh uh, not possible.
And very nice crowns.

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I did use a telescope and my smartphone

Great photograph. I've always fancied having a go at that but we don't have on of those tracking thingies for our telescope. 😊

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i didnt use tracking on my scope for this, i have ordered a mount of ebay and hopefully i can catch some amazing photos.

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Not really a sweep skates kind of person but thanks for the heads up. 😊


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I like the 2 crowns, @monsterjamgold!

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