The AI Showed a Loss (After a Down) - The Edge of Rock Fortnite Athenascope Showcase

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This is a Showcase Video / Montage of clips from my Fortnite gameplay for the week ended 12 October 2021. This Showcase video was edited by Athenascope, an ai that edits gaming footage. This footage has not been streamed on my Youtube or Twitch, so it has not been seen before.

I believe this Showcase was the first one I've had that included me losing a game. Maybe that has happened in some of my ones that include solo play, but I don't remember it happening. At the very least, I strongly suspect this is the first one I've had that included me losing a squad game. I've had kills and downs in the other Showcase videos that end with me being downed but I don't think I've had it where I'm the last one standing and it actually shows us lose the game just after I get a down or kill before.

You can find my Showcase on YouTube here:

It is also on my Dtube channel, birchmark42, if you prefer to watch it there, but I haven't linked it here because I use 3rd party upload and linking it here just tends to link the YouTube video. A vertical version which is centered and removes the left and right side of the video is also on my Tiktok, Birchmark.

I slightly edited this video. I did not edit the gameplay footage at all - that was all done by the Athenascope AI - but I included my text on the end to credit my supporters on Buy Me a Coffee.

This video was focused on only the Battle Royale modes of Fortnite. It involved duos, trios and squads play, with my partner, a friend and my nephew.

Athenascope's Showcases are montages with music added to it that you only get if your footage meets certain requirements during the week. As I do not have an elgato setup, these Showcases at this point only include my PC games of Fortnite, not any games I play on the Nintendo Switch. The song added to this week's Fortnite Showcase was The Edge of Rock.

My Buy me a Coffee link is primarily to support me and my content, but instead of coffee, it is "buy a treat for the pets" and a portion of the donations will go towards treats and other special things for our pets.

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