DNA Project - (Half-year Report) - 2 New Communities & General Topics

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Hello Nature-Lovers of Hive !!


Outline of the Post

We added 2 Communities to the DNA Family

General Topics to Discuss

  • What We Have Reached
  • DNA Discord
  • Fellow DNA Communities
  • DNA Curation and Biodiversity-Posts
  • DNA Community Rules
  • Future Projects

Aquatic Sentinels Community


Aquatic Sentinels Community

Aquatic Sentinels🐬 (AS) is a community dedicated to sharing the beauty, diversity and science of our aquatic/marine ecosystems 🌊 and everything related to it. We are convinced that correct and official information on marine life can help us make better decisions to help our ocean, our rivers and lakes. So AS is a space to support posts with quality scientific information🔬🦠

This is not a community only for the scientific community, in fact, today we all have easy access to official information. Remember: 👉Quality over Quantity👈

First of all let me introduce to you the leader on the community, who is actually a marine scientist, and decided to make this community a great one for all Marine-Lovers out there 😄

DNA / AS Curator


Hi!😃 I am a marine biologist by profession with a Master of Science degree and I am currently studying a PhD in Marine Sciences. I consider myself passionate about marine mammals and currently do scientific research on dolphins. Despite being very young, I have helped several students make the decision to train in the marine world.

I have recently been chosen as the spokesperson for one of the societies that study the most important marine mammals in Mexico: The Mexican Society of Marine Mammals (SOMEMMA, for its acronym in Spanish). As a spokesperson, my objective will be to publicize the activities that this society carries out in favor of marine mammals and the ocean.

Freediving (apnea) is one of my main hobbies, since I was little I have a great commitment to nature. On the other hand, another of my favorite hobbies is music!



Insects of the World Community

IotW announcement.png

Insects of the World Community

The Insects of the World community is dedicated to all the insect lovers out there 🐝🐛 and eager to see all your beautiful captures if the insects in the area you are living in. Therefore we like to encourage you to not only take pictures of the insects, but to creates some posts that identify and describe your insects as good as you can, so that all members of the community have the chance to learn something new every day.

We are also aiming to create a world wide database of identified insects this way, according to DNA´s Citizen Science motto "By The People, For The People" that will be visible in our DNA discord and one day also on our planned website.

This community is not only for real scientists and of course we will provide you with all the help, support, suggestions and critics to become Nature Scientist on your own out there 🍳🐜 .. Remember: 👉Quality over Quantity👈

First of all let me introduce to you the actual team of Moderator that decided to take on the effort to make this community the best possible experience for all you Insect-Lovers out there ^^ .. I am super proud that they decided to participate and they are doing an really good job for already a month 😄

DNA / IW Curators


My name ... Lourdes Hernández. I am from Mexico and live in the central area of ​​the country, just a few hours away from Mexico City in the state of Morelos. I am 32 years old and I have been on the blockchain since June 2017. My blog basically deals with nature, insects, flowers, landscapes and my pets, although I have also given some attempts to draw but what really motivates me the most is photography.

I am currently part of the Curangel curator team and at the same time I am part of the team of moderators in the Insects of the World community and I love being part of this. Every day when I look into the hive and its different tags and communities in search of content that deserves to be recognized, I try to support them with advice about how to improve their publications. I am not an expert, but I try to give my best by observing other authors and learning from their creations. What I observe, I apply, and then try to share with others to improve their blogs something so that they draw the attention of other fellow curators and with this they can aspire to a fair curator-ship.

Thanks to all those who have received each of my comments with an open mind. I want all above let them know that it is always with the best intentions of helping you. Greetings to all and we will continue reading us on this incredible platform, Until next time ...

2017-01-16 14.38.53-01-01.jpeg



Many of you already know me but others do not, my name is Nicanor I am 36 years old and I am from Spain, I have been in hive since 2017 I am a computer scientist, I like photography and cryptocurrencies, my blog focuses on nature, I usually share natural landscapes, photographic creations and the life I lead with my pets.

For just over five years I have been an amateur photographer, I like to capture everything in nature but birds call my attention more, I love to observe them, they seem to me to be extremely amazing animals, I also like the perspective in photography, I think it is a Very interesting and captivating photographic style.

DSCN0020 (2).JPG
Street Art.jpg


DNA is A Community Effort

DNA is not a project being run from / under the name / ownership of any personal account / person. DNA is home to different communities and is essentially a COMMUNITY PROJECT.

DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATION. For these informative posts DNA offers a CURATION SERVICE using the @dna.org account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL.

At the moment we are the home of #amazingnature for all your posts about the amazing nature around you, the #aquaticsentinels for posts about our marine beings, #featheredfriends for posts about our feathered friends, the #fungilovers for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms and the #insectsoftheworld for all your post about insects ^^

What We Have Reached

  • We have an discord server DNA DISCORD (Free to be joined by all interested Hiveans) where all nature lovers of Hive can MEET, DISCUSS and SHARE their nature content.

  • We gathered fellow supporters and a total of 5 NATURE COMMUNITIES in the DNA project.

  • We have a #Biodiversity-only-post channel where all DNA-members are allowed to drop post that correlate to DNA´s BIODIVERSITY PHILOSOPHY.

  • We initialized a CURATION SERVICE for all biodiversity related posts that are published withing our fellow communities (AN, FF, FL, IW). All community Moderators are also set as DNA-Curators and have the right to use this curation service.

  • We are have an own community account: The DNA Citizen Science Hub for internal use and important announcements. Later on, we might use it for conducting interesting activities and projects run under DNA.

DNA Discord

Within our DNA DISCORD we have created several channels for you.

  • #Home: This channel is for open communication and discussions and features our weekly community contests.

  • #Communities: We have a separate channel for each fellow community that supports DNA and calls this project their home. They are free to configure and use it as wished.

  • #DNA-Curation-System: This channel is reserved for all your posts that are following DNA´s biodiversity philosophy. It is also used by all the DNA-Curators for their biodiversity-curation within the DNA communities.

If you are INTERESTED in DNA, please do not hesitate to ask about it, or directly JOIN US in the DNA DISCORD ;), we already have a 260 people strong community here!

Fellow DNA Communities

At the moment we are the home of #amazingnature for all your posts about the amazing nature around you, the #aquaticsentinels, for all your post about all marine topics, the #featheredfriends for posts about birds, the #fungilovers for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms and the #insectsoftheworld for all your post about world of insects ^^

Amazing Nature Community:

Contest & Challenge: To implement some funny activities for the AN community members and enrich the interactive experience there is a weekly Contest and Challenge. The voting for the winners will be done by the whole DNA community. in the AN community channel in the DNA Discord.
Amazing Nature Curation: The Curators are choosing several post weekly within the community, corresponding to their assigned topic (Botany/Zoology/Geography), and are compiling them into a weekly curation reports.

Aquatic Sentinels Community:

Aquatic Sentinels Curation: The curator chooses several posts per week within the AQ community and compiles them into a weekly curation report.

Feathered Friends Community:

Feathered Friends Curation: The curator chooses several posts per week within the FF community and compile them into a weekly curation report.

Fungi Lovers Community:

FungiFriday Challenge: Every Friday you are welcome to share all your great fungi posts, no mater if they are photos, drawings, art, food or anything else. Just add the #fungifriday tag to it.
Fungi Lovers Curation: The curator chooses several posts per week within the FF community and compile them into a weekly curation report.

Insects Of The World Community:

Contest & Challenge: To implement some funny activities for community members and enrich the interactive experience there is a weekly Contest. The voting for the winners will be done by the whole DNA community. in the IW community channel in the DNA Discord.
Amazing Nature Curation: The Curators are choosing several post weekly within the community and are compiling them into a weekly curation report.

DNA Curation and Biodiversity-Posts


  • We have own CURATION SERVICE FOR posts withing or fellow communities (AN, AS, FF, FL, IW) for all posts that are SHOWING AND EXPLAINING BIODIVERSITY around you. All Moderators of the 5 communities have posting rights and are allowed to curate those entries in their corresponding communities from the @dna.org account that are suiting the DNA biodiversity philosophy and show and explain the biodiversity around them in great detail.


  • In addition we have created a #Biodiversity-only-post channel where all DNA members are allowed to drop their biodiversity related posts to their them with other DNA members. We do not allow other topics there besides biodiversity related ones, as we do not want to become a common drop-box.

DNA Community Rules

Of course there are some rules to DNA and ALL ADJUSTED NATURE COMMUNITIES. You should read them properly and keep them in mind whenever you want to publish a post in any of our communities. They are crucial to be accepted as a contest/challenge/activity entry and also to be reviewed as a potential curated post!

  • Only post you own original content and do not plagiarize !

This will be taken very serious. If we find out that you are breaking this first rule, we reserve us the right to mute you within the community and will also notify the other communities about it. In DNA we want to FOSTER CITIZEN SCIENCE and see that you are taking pictures and doing RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN. Of course we will provide you with all the necessary hep that you need .. In addition, always state the source of all of your pictures, even if they are your own. So, obviously the second rules is ..

  • Always quote the source of pictures and texts, even if they are your own !

The aim of our communities is to SHARE KNOWLDGE about the nature all around you. This means that we are not a "Photography" communities and treat pictures from professional photographers the same way as those from amateur photographers that are only using mobile phone cameras. Our focus is on the DESCRIPTIONS AND EXPLANATIONS of all your shown pictures. In every post we would like to read the reason why you are showing us your pictures, your motivation, your feelings, and so on. We are here for bringing Nature-Lovers together and not for watching solely pictures 😊 This brings us to the third rule.

  • Do not post picture without text. Add explanations that suit the community philosophy !

The last rule is probably an obvious one, but nevertheless I will state it here once. Other than plagiarism breaking this rule will kick you out of the community directly without any further investigation or notification !

  • No hate or discriminatory language of any kind or other offensive behavior !

We at Hive believe in being a proper and ADULT BLOGGING PLATFORM and do not want to become like these other widespread social media platforms out there ^^

HOW TO AVOID PLAGIARISM ! -- An Easy Guide for Hiveans

The Guide in ENGLISH language: -- ENGLISH GUIDE
The Guide in SPANISH language: -- SPANISH GUIDE

Future Projects

Nature Coin:

  • We are currently working on the implementation on a Nature Coin that can be used withing our communities to reward excellent posts and for many other purposes.

DNA Website:

  • We are also still planning our public website, but this project will be tackled
    after the nature coin is implemented and works flawlessly.

@suheri )

Want To Help Us ? All Help is Welcome!

You can help us by the following means:

  1. Nature Enthusiasts: If you are a wildlife photographer or have scientific knowledge about biodiversity of any kind : birds, butterflies, mammals, insects, fungi ... or any other category, we would really appreciate your expertise !

  2. Supporters: If you want to support the project, you can do the following:

Support @dna.org


"By The People, For The People"

Best wishes,


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You're welcome @adalger, that's a pleasure to count you as a member for all this time! We hope to see you many more years here 😊👍

Great commitment to everything in nature!

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Thank you @joanstewart ^^ .. Together we can make Nature and citizen science a big pillar within the Hiveasphere 🥳 .. thank you very much for the tip 😊

It is a pleasure to belong to this great team, thank you @adalger for the opportunity

You are very welcome @lourdeshd6 ☺️ .. You are a great and respected staff member in DNA from the very beginning .. and seeing you participating in the Insects of the World community is soo amazing .. Thank you for all your great and help for all nature lovers of Hive out there 😘

5 Nature Communities! DNA rocks! I love seeing how much DNA has grown this year. Everyone here is doing such a great job. Welcome Aquatic Sentinels Community!

It is soo awesome .. DNA already covers nearly all possible niches out there and 5 communities is an great achievement @melinda010100 .. I am so greatfull that the Feathered Friends were in DNA from day 1 and helped soo much to make this whole project possible in the beginning .. thank you so much for being here with us 😍

You have always been the one who saw the potential of DNA right from the beginning and have worked to create what it is today. You know I am always happy to pitch in whenever you need me to do something. You have a smoothly running Discord site and a great place for all the nature communities to come together.

I cannot but reblog this. I wish new community will has it proper space under the sun.

I wish them all the best too @qwerrie .. Especially for the AS community I am sue that it will evolve in an excellent way .. @juanbg is an excellent scientist with high quality standards and love for all marine beings .. I am already excited about the very first entries 😁





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Hello. This information is very, very valuable. Would you allow me to use it for the Bulgarian Hive community in Bulgarian as well, or is it better to work together on this? Thanks.The article on plagiarism is very useful and I would be very pleased to have it in Bulgarian as well

Hey there @disi 👋 .. sorry for the late answer. I nearly missed out your comment .. of course you are allowed to use this post for the Bulgarian community too .. it would be a pleasure to help out in as many languages as possible and for as many Hiveans as possible 😀 .. I already did a translation into Spanish language .. if you like to do it to Bulgarian in the same fashion it would be a great thing to do ^^ .. just tell me if you are still interested, here or in Discord :)