HiveBloPoMo Day 7: Blocked By the Ways of the New World in Which We Live!

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We have reached Day SEVEN, and the first week of HiveBloPoMo is in the bag! You can read more about it here. To be honest, I wasn't sure I was even going to complete a week, let alone a month.

Today's writing prompt is technically speaking to create a "Sublime Sunday" post, but I'm deviating again, because my Sunday is being SUB-Sublime!


So, We Were "Supposed" to...

... have a day trip to Seattle today. As an early anniversary gift, Mrs. Denmarkguy had gotten us tickets to the Immersive Van Gogh Experience in Seattle.

Since we're both art lovers and fans of Van Gogh's work, we'd been looking forward to this, for a while. We actually had three tickets, so middle son (32) was going to join us... more for the immersive experience than the art itself. But no matter.

And then, of course... a few days ago, the red banner appears (retroactively) on the web site that as of October 25th you will only be admitted to the exhibit/experience if you have a current "Vaccine Passport."


I Expect it Was Bound to Happen...

Yours truly is, as of now, not vaccinated... so once again, I get to "intersect" with life in our modern world.

Now, before there's a bunch of saber-rattling, my reasons for not being vaccinated are not a political statement or a crusade for my "rights," it's far more practical.

For one, I have already had Covid (possibly twice) so I already have a pretty stout troop of antibodies and am not terribly worried for my health at this point. My doctor and I actually talked about it, and the second time I had it — while I was in the house tending to Mrs. Denmarkguy who almost DIED, while having been vaccinated — it was like a slightly annoying 48-hour cold.


For two — and more importantly — I have a heart condition that makes it about ten times more likely that I will have an adverse reaction to the vaccine(s). Again, with the agreement of my physician, we determined that there is no urgency for me to get the vaccine... particularly since it was the plan for me to get jabbed in April of next year so we could travel somewhat freely to Denmark in June or July without having to worry about booster shots and such.

Regardless, I have still become "persona non-grata." No more eating out; no movies; no museum trips; no travel... unless, of course, I am willing to have my sinuses roto-rootered every time I want to do something.

I am not. So I shall simply abstain. And my "protest" is that I will simply not be throwing those consumer dollars at the economic machine anymore.


Meanwhile, Slapped By (Lagging) Technology...

On a different front, I had some interest in participating in HiveFest this year... I'd wanted to go while they were happening in physical space, but a lack of funding always got in the way... so it was a series of no-go's.

As it turns out, it's going to be another no-go because my computer is simply too old and crippled to drive the kind of VR software being used, these days.

Of course the whole "needing new equipment" is an ongoing challenge.

My computer actually runs perfectly well for most of the things I do, like writing, editing books, processing photos, sending email and listing things on eBay.


However, the "creeping elegance" that invariably follows software evolution is making it increasingly obsolete.

But that's not the only obsolescence we face... we have a perfectly "functional" and not heavily used Panasonic big screen TV that's less and less capable of handling the streaming needs coming through the pipes, these days.

It leaves me shaking my head a little... back when I was working in the Usability field in the IT industry, the concept of "Backwards Compatibility" was a super important issue. Doesn't seem to be the case anymore... instead there is a somewhat "narcissistic assumption:" "Buy new gear, if you want to run our app!"

That's nice... you gonna send me the funding?

But enough griping for now... I'm gonna get back to my "SUB-sublime Sunday!" Enjoy the rest of your day!

How about YOU? How is YOUR Sunday unfolding? Been "blocked" recently, by the ways of modern life? Or are you always current on all that stuff? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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I completely understand and support your vax mandate rationale. It's a shame the "follow the science" crowd can't. As for TV tech, I am experimenting with my Raspberry Pi as a media server plugged into my not-even-trying-to-be-smart TV. Perhaps an older laptop or your current computer could serve such a function? Alas, upgrading hardware seems to be a necessity nowadays, especially for mainstream software.

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My Sunday was pretty damn good! Managed to sleep in a little for a change, harvest some of the peppers I still have growing, a nice nap and some gaming in the evening. I think you have to buy yourself a new computer! It is a toy you leverage to make money here, so that has my vote.

Hopefully your Monday is a little better.