Sunsets Around the World - Maleny Queensland.

I would like to share with you some sunrise photos I took while we stayed the night in Maleny in Queensland Australia.


I drove past this look out the day before and thought to myself this will be the perfect spot to watch the sunrise!

The following morning I got up at 4am and headed to this lookout over the valley.


And wow what a stunning way to start the day!


This look out is fitting for its name. Gerrard Lookout. In memory of Hazel and Charlie Gerrard who donated the land for this lookout for the public to enjoy. What a pair of absolute legends!


It is the perfect spot to watch the sun break over the horizon.


And the colours changing in the sky is breath taking.


The best part was I was the only one there on the Sunday morning until a coffee van arrived and started to set up for the day.



OH I love Malany... we used to go there so often when we lived north side of the river. Not so much now other than the odd wedding or something. lol

such beautiful photos. glad you had a lovely time. Last time we went it totally bucketed down and we couldn't see in front of our faces let alone off the mountain.

thanks for sharing


It sure is a beautiful place! So many awesome bush walks there 😊 hopefully the weather is better next time you head up 🤞

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Awesome sunsets they always look so relaxing they always put me at peace within myself 👍

That's for sure 😊 it's always a great way to end or start the day!

Totally agree @vcclothing 👍