Sunsetphotography great cover with afternoon

The sun is setting with a strong sun all day long. It seems that the sun is tired like a busy man. However, it is very beautiful to see this afternoon sun.

I don't think it's raining with clouds in the sky of Malaysia, but I really feel better. I thought in this photography, I will present my own words in front of everyone.


Nice to meet you. I hope the Creator gives you a chance to set a new day and a new plan of action so that life will be better if we can walk with respect to every person on the way of life.


Everyone was fascinated by the magical beauty of twilight. Poets and writers have expressed their admiration for the unique form of twilight in many of their writings. Poet Jibanananda Das says, ‘At the end of every day comes the sound of dew / evening; The kite erases the scent of the wings of the sun;


This scene is like a poem. The poet says, ‘When the light of the last afternoon goes away ... / When the twilight is over, where will you cry?’ We too are fascinated by such magical beauty. Lost without knowing it. If you go to Mymensingh, you will also see such a scene.

Twilight clouds are like vermilion. Wearing a small tip on the forehead. As far as the eye can see, Bhuvan Mohini Roop can be seen. Little by little the sun sets. Darkness descended from all sides and surrounded the earth. In the song of the singer Miles, ‘In the light of the last afternoon / In the evening of sadness / While walking this way / Suddenly a question arises / How long will I look for you’.