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RE: Shame on Azircon and co. for DV this. My Latest Investments: Splinterlands, Rising Star, Leo, HOT

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That isn’t my mission. (At least not directly) My mission is to champion this version of a friendlier Hive Blockchain. My method is to continue to vote my values and influence actively wherever I can and by working to support the witness’s and devs who have similar values and have the same vision for Hive as I do.

The way to build it therefore is collective as this is a collective movement and a wider one throughout the Hive Blockchain.

If this is to be the destination where people can take their potential and compound it... this will resonate with most and the right people will realize it. It’s only a matter of time. Common sense (although rare in times like these) leads to more and more common sense.

I believe in this community... and I believe that the best ideas will naturally rise to prominence.

I’m merely intent on being a catalyst to this end... as you know already my main goal is to build out 2 fitness business’s on the blockchain... once the social environment improves.


Well, carry on, sir.
It sounds like a good plan.