Splinterlands Season Rewards - 04/01/2022

Another season on Splinterlands has wrapped as we our now in the full bloom of spring! Time to start taking your laptop or whatever device you play on somewhere nice with some sun and rack those DEC!

This last season was another slow burn for me but I got 1 rare card after everything was said and done so safe to say I was satisfied with the results.


So First off the credits. I recieved a total of 41 credits which I guess isn't too bad but I mean I have gotten 1000 credits at the end of a season before. Just saying.

Next the potions. Only 1 potion surprising enough, a legendary potion. Ah well I suppose it's better than recieving a bunch of potions.

And finally the cards. Another PELACOR CONJURER to add to my collection as well as another rare NAGA ASSASSIN. I will probaly do a card review on the NAGA ASSASSIN in the near future, I am a fan of this card.

Anyhow hope you all had a very successful season as well,goodluck and grind on!