Season Rewards 02/15/22

Hello everyone and welcome back after another successful season of Splinterlands! I hope you were all out there collecting and grinding as much as possible!

I finished in Bronze League 1 as always still don't have enough Power to make it into the the Silver League but soon enough. I still am very happy with receiving 9 treasure chests but more is always better. Anyhow onto the results!


So first the most boring of my "booty" are of course the Potions. I can't even tell you the last time I opened a pack, I got plenty but I don't really open them especially considering the SPS drop going on. They really need to make these swappable for DEC or SPS or even Credits!

Which brings us to Credits! 48 Credits in total which is not bad, but when they first started handing out Credits I would receive them in the triple digits. I guess a gift is a gift even if diminished.

And finally the cream of the crop; the cards! Nothing special I got 1 rare card but I already own it. Still very thankful for another, listed in no particular order I received 1 PELACOR BANDIT, 1 GARGOYA LION, 1 PELACOR MERCENARY, and 1 VENARI BONESMITH. So all in all a pretty good haul all things considered.

Thanks for reading and appreciate all my fellow HIVERS and Splinterlands friends! Grind on everyone and have a wonderful day!