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RE: Set up my own Splinterlands bots

in Splinterlands11 months ago

I am surprised they tolerate so many obvious bot accounts in the game. I take pleasure in defeating those I encounter and sometimes it's all bots. I want to play against people. I think part of the reason for changing the rules was to make bots less profitable. Just my opinion.


If they really wanted to prevent bots they would add re-capthca. Oh wait, that doesn't work well either.. 🤦

It's a constant arms race to deal with bots. The question is, can the dumbest human be smarter than the best bots?

Listening into the splinterlands meetings I got a feeling of what they will tolerate and seems bots are the least of their worries. Maybe a bot league will be implemented in the future.

There bots are pretty good to me.. maybe I really suck but I've lost numerous battles to bots.

It just gets boring to be fighting bot after bot some days. It looks like a lot of them are around the silver and gold leagues, but I expect they cannot get higher and so their winnings are limited. No idea who is behind enminer/neminer bots.

You must have a better eye for bots than me. When I play if I did not see their username I would not know they were bots. But maybe if I played more I could tell better.

I'm going by the name. Many make it obvious.