My experience buying land during the presale stage 2

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Recently we had the second presale of lands for Splinterlands. Last time things were quite hectic and frustrating, but this time around things went alot more smooth. I did handle things differently this time by connecting to a fast node before the sale. I start off hanging out by the countdown window and checking the pulse of the community looking at the Splinterlands discord.

During this time I started to ping different Hive nodes to find the lowest latency server to connect to. I did this by pinging the URL of the node that I find in Hive keychain. After pinging two of them I settle on the node that gives me a ping close to 50ms, the other one I tested had a 150ms ping so going with the lowest latency node. I was hoping to help me have a better chance getting in on the sale if it flew by.

At about the 30 second mark I jump back into discord to see if everyone else was as excited as I was waiting for the final seconds of the stage 2 land sale.

My heart was pumping, kind of wished I hooked up a heart rate monitor to see how fast it got. Once the countdown reached zero I refreshed the page and attempted to buy two tracts.

At this point I got the spinning monster mouth, and it reminded me of the exact thing that happened to me last time. After about 30 seconds I get a message saying "Your transaction could not be found This may be an issue with the game server Please try refreshing the site to see if the transaction went through."

So I was like crap! If they sold out as quickly as they did last time. I am SOL once again, is what I was thinking. I jumped on discord and saw many other people were having issues as well.

By the time I refreshed the screen from the "transaction could not be found message" we went from 30,000 remaining all the way down to 1615 remaining. This got me quite scared and I found myself trying to buy 2 tracts again, using the quantity of 2. But get a different error message "There was an error completing this transaction: Max purchase amount is 1 tract at this time"

So that error was more helpful than the "transaction cannot be found" message. Knowing this now I changed the quantity to 1 and tried again. By this time another hundred plots were gone and I was getting quite worried I was about to miss out once again.

Changing the quantity to 1, I was able to get a tract of land! I repeat and got myself a 2nd tract! At this point I run out of enough DEC to buy any more tracts. So I switch to buying as many plots of land as possible. I first buy 32 plots and try again for more. I am really curious to see where all of my 30 plus plots will be located. It would be nice if they are all spaced out across the worlds. As my tracts would make sense to be in 2 locations as I only bought 2 of them.

Glad I was able to get a few tracts and a bunch of plots before everything sold out. Which happened less than 30 minutes into the sale.

The remaining of this video at around the 10 minute mark is just some music and watching the remaining count down. I recorded for about 20 minutes and then stopped, about 8 minutes after stopping the recording everything sold out as @aggroed made his region purchase.

Check out my previous post on this when I tried to buy during the stage 1 sale but due to server issues I was denied the opportunity to buy at that time. I could have probably gotten 3 tracts but oh well at least I got 2 and a bunch of plots.
Link to my previous experience trying to buy land.

LBRY Video Link


They lost me at stage one, sold my DEC for ETH and that's turned out pretty nicely!

I think I'll probably end up being able to buy LAND cheaper in the future.

But you never know, anything can happen in crypto.

I feel ya, I was pretty mad how it all played out the first time around. Glad you profitted from moving DEC into ETH. I thought about doing that but did not so glad you did and gained from it.

haha so true, we have massive ups and downs.. welcome to crypto!

Congrats. Welcome to the club. 😉

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