Nodes, what AYR could you expecting? My thoughts: Staking SPS is easier!

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Have you bought a Node or are you interested? lets do some math first to calculate the anual return rate (AYR) of the first year.
Some estimations:

Price SPS0,1Dollar
SPS Year distributed:40500000+SPS
AYR SPS staking40%
release nodes6Months
Node running cost7-%
Missed SPS from Staking4500-SPS

Now we assume the amound of SPS use to buy a node will not be used to stake SPS so it is "lost" SPS.

The calculation for the return in percentage is in orange.
The calculation for the return in percentage after the cost deduction is in blue.

graph AYR

This means if only 3000 nodes will be running you will earn roughly 90% of your node in SPS, but you missed some juicy SPS staking rewards. This needs to be acounted in the purchase. Running a node will require some cos. I estimate someone will do it for a 7% cut.

After those costs: 47% AYR in the first year you have the node. Not bad! however things go down the more nodes are in use. It mightbe cheaper and easier to simple stake SPS.
Thats just my opinion and there are some wild estimates. If you believe in Splinterlands in the long term, i do think owning a node is the way to go!

Nodes activeNode CostNode Cost + missed SPS stakingSPS gain / YearSPS gain / Year - node running costA.Y.R. (%)

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