[Guide] Quickly Make and Use a Spreadsheet Market Calculator and Begin to Profit.

No matter how great you are at math, figuring out how to profit on the market can be a real chore. There's a good chance a lot of you have your calculator open while you browse peakmonsters. Are you sick of sliding the decimal and dividing by two over and over in your head to account for that 5% market cut? Are you sick of quadruple checking your mental math and constantly second guessing yourself? Is this you?


Well this is your lucky day! I'm going to show you how to quickly make a spreadsheet calculator and save yourself a lot of time and headache. Even better, I will include what you can paste in every row and each column, to save yourself a maths! It should take you less than an hour to make, unless you're stupid, then it will take you less than two. All you need is a program like Excel. I used a free one called LibreOffice, which is better than Microsoft Office because it does all the same shit for free. What a world!

But first let's talk about how it works.

Here's what the one I just built looks like (It took me two hours because I am stupid):

So how does it work? Very easily. You only need to worry about changing the values at the top and then BOOM, the bottom portion fills itself in! Wow!

Let's quickly break this crap down...

In this example 11 combined cards at 0.479$/BCX is for sale. We input only those two values.

$/BCX How much one card costs.

Total BCX How many cards there are.

Custom % If you wish to make a certain percentage of profit.*

Custom Total Useful when you wanna figure out your $/BCX on a total. This comes in handy when you wanna post below fireking.*

Custom $/BCX Useful for posting multiple cards, since you have to always math guru the total dollar amount for some dumb reason.*

*note that these are all nicely color coordinated for easy eye looking

This is what the results tell you:

List Price - The original total price, and all the prices you will need to list the cards for to make a certain profit.

Market Fee This is how much the market fucks you.

Profit This is the number you want to be big.

$ Per 1 BCX This is how much you'll make off 1 card.

Fucking amazing! Let's make your own!

  • Step 1 Open your excel like program. Once again, my excel like program is called LibreOffice and its free on Google. I'm assuming the commands are the same in excel.

  • Step 2 Note the lettered columns, and the numbered rows, let's get to editing. This is where your copy and paste skills come in handy. Mega advanced ultrapro trade secret, use Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v.

Lets go by Rows, just copy and paste left to right

  • Row 1, Columns A-E each line is a new box starting with column A and going right all the way to column E.

Total BCX
Custom %
Custom Total
Custom $/BCX

  • Row 2, Column A through E type any numbers into this, but you can paste these following numbers if it helps.


  • Row 3 Columns H, I, and J Leave A through G blank, they're for chumps.

Custom %
Custom Total
Custom $/BCX

  • Row 4 Columns B through J lol...bj...heh heh. Get it? Nevermind, just skip Column A. Make sure when you do columns H I and J you hit the little percent button somewhere up top.

Break Even
5% Profit
10% Profit
15% Profit
20% Profit

  • Row 5 Columns A through J

List Price

  • Row 6 Columns A through J that second command just write in all columns B through J...lol

Market Fee

  • Row 7 Columns A through J


  • Row 7 Columns A through J In columns a through I do the same command and in column I do the second line.


Now look at this picture and copy the bold and color scheme, or pick your own:

Make sure to use the +.00 button to add a decimal so it rounds to 3 like on peakmonsters, and that % symbol in those H4 I4 J4 percentages up top there so your numbers dont get pooped on. The symbol to the left of the % changes it to dollars, do that where its appropriate. Its nice cause it automatically makes negatives red.

Thats really all I got for you. I love you. You can message me on discord on wastoid#3049 or send DEC tips to godzillayolo420

Heres a drawing for the art contests I keep seeing, its from a cartoon I watched as a kid.


Have fun making money. This is my first guide, and my test to see if its worthwhile for me to post on splintertalk.



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