The Maths of the New Reward System

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I know thrilling title right!

But stay with me here, I was really curious about the mechanics of the new reward system and for those of use who could choose our league, which one should we choose? Is it better to own it in silver or do ok in gold? Should I buy more CP or not?

Ok so I am not delving into the improvement in chest this time nor the whole being a higher league last time thing, this is just about which league could work best. Also not touching ECR and bonuses, to messy for my liking.

Data Source

Ok this is from the splinterland updated data, if it's wrong blame them! I re-colored it cause thiers were a little plain jane.


Do all league equal ?

Ok so the below is how many wins you need to get each level of chests. As you can quickly see the higher league you go the quicker you get to the next set of chests within that league. THis becomes even more obvious the higher up the chest you go. For example to get 50 chests in silver only takes about 1/2 as many wins as Bronze.






Ok ok but what league should I be in ?

ok so below i have looked that the difference in number of wins required to get chests compared to the previous leagues. Ok lets take a quick example

Earn 1 Chest

Moving from Bronze to Silver means you can earn 10 chests 16% faster but what does this mean?

Ok let's pretend I can do 25 battle in a day. From bronze, I need to win 24 of them, in Silver only 20 of them. In practice, I can drop from a win rate of 96% in bronze down to 80% in Silver and eanr the same number of chests! And lets not even touch the better chest drops! This change in potential loss rate and still winning is the greatest between bronze and silver and drops off as you move up ranks. It is also more drastic as you move up number of chests, bronze to silver at 50 chests means you can lose almost 50% more matches and do the same.




I would say the best thing is to get to Champion and stay there, hehe 😎

This post smells time and attention, I really appreciated your work here! Vel done mate!

Glad you liked it! I was curious so I delved in! !PIZZA



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It would be nice for noobs like me to aim at getting to silver, that's the best spot for small players from where I see it.

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I love maths. Beautiful display/graphs. I still have a difficult time wrapping my head around wins necessary to get reward shares for maximizing chests. This is one of the more clear/concise visuals i've seen to date. Sharing this on