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RE: Set up my own Splinterlands bots

in Splinterlands2 months ago

The August update is appreciated yet do you know of anyone that can set it up with mobile access to my machine? be happy to pay in cryptocurrency if this is possible, someone here with little time and ability in this realm yet would like to have a few of my Hive accounts doing some work... ? or know anyone that does this maybe if you don't?


I am sure some people would be happy to do that.. Go ask @a1492dc on their discord below.

Or ask AlmightyMelon#6301 on Discord via DM.

I suggest you ask them because I am not the creator of these bots. I would rather the devs that made them get the chance to earn if they are interested. If not I can indeed set you up on a ubuntu machine, but pleas be aware the free version of this bot can time out and cause surrenders. So Id hate to set you up a bot and then it not be very stable. If you get ahold of @a1492dc ask him about the subscription service that makes his bot much more stable.