Million out of Dust. The Sixtieth Day of the Way to Tower Defense

in Splinterlands2 months ago

Do you like watching a business progress with zero investment? It happens here and now.

The day of the way: 60
Nightmare packs owned: 187
Total SPS balance: 488.866

When the amount of stacked SPS reached 400, I started unstaking to buy new Nightmare packs and get more reward in stacked SPS. I plan to repeat this cycle as many times as I can before Tower Defense starts, when it's time to open the packs.


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how much more sps can i get from buying nightmare packs?

~ 89 SPS daily

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It's from 187 nightmare pack?

Oh sorry, I'm confused in thousands ))
0,089 SPS daily from 1 pack
~ 16,5 SPS from 180+ packs

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