Gold 3 rewards still lousy

in Splinterlands β€’ 2 years ago

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chrome-capture - 2022-02-11T070407.739.jpg

Maybe i'm just unlucky or the RNG gods don't like me πŸ˜†

The First quest was water, so it was fairly easy as my line up for grinding is already water.
Just your usual Kelya + plus all melee water chaos legion spam, with river helondale or demented shark for that Inspire(+1melee bonus), sometimes i also add in Sabre shark or pelacor bandit for extra damage but an elven cutthroat will also do the trick.

The second quest was quite harder as it was a Life quest, and life quest was not included in my grinding line up, because i usually rent 1 melee team then 1 magic team and a couple of neutrals... So.. for life, I just rented 1 Kralus and hoped for that match up with a ruleset of poison and a lowmana cap between 15 to 17, as it was most optimal winnig chances for kralus hehe

that's all, thank you for reading my post until the end. <3