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RE: Set up my own Splinterlands bots

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Hi @solominer I'm Alfficcadenti, and I've just found this post (a bit in late 😀).
I didn't realize I pushed that issue on the package.json, so thanks for pointing out. Recently I've also made other improvements to the code and updated the battles database and I have automation for the new rules coming ;)
I'm glad you mentioned the source in the post. I appreciate honesty and I'm happy you leveraged it so much to get lands!!! I've just bought some and I'll keep buying it waiting for the feature to comes out, which of course will require bot update! 🤣
Btw, I've actually also made it run on raspberry pi. the code needed some changes for the browser but I was able to run it for 4 accounts on a single raspberryPi.
Ah, I'm a beekeeper too 😉


Hey there! Glad you found my post, I have been getting updates from your Github over the last few weeks. Looks like you have been quite busy getting it all caught up. I think the rulesets were causing the most issues, as when you coded it a few years back there were many less rules than there are now. Hopefully you got them all added so it does not surrender as much.

@almightymelon took your base code and completely rebuild the bot, and that is what I am running now. But I will give yours a try and see how it does, maybe after this season.

Oh thats great you got it working on ARM (Raspberry Pi). I tried doing this but chromium would refuse to launch. Which RPI were you able to get 4 account to run on? A 8GB RPI4?

I run 9 bots on a dedicated x86 machine, it has 32GB of RAM and a Ryzen 7 CPU so it handles just about whatever I throw at it.

Nice! I need to go check on my bees soon.. haha

Hello, Alfficcadenti.

I do indeed owe you a thank you. I took your old master and to begin with just got it working and ran it on a few accounts. But over the last few months, working with another coder, we did a complete code restructure, we have written out own format for the hand list, a new hand finder script, and a puppeteer rewrite.

Now ours is something quite different but has its own issues that we're having to deal with.

I didn't know Node well before this process, and your bot was a great template for experimentation and learning. So thanks again for that. I appreciate it. Congrats for getting yours running on a Raspberry Pi! That's really exciting. My code would probably catch one on fire.

Take care.