The Technologies of God- A Serial Micro-Fiction 15/24

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“Who is she, Van? Who is this girl?” Elena said.

I hadn't expected her to return from her business trip so soon. Now what was I supposed to say to her?

Well… you see it’s kind of complicated. You remember our trip to Greece in the Summer? I met this girl when you were in the washroom, and it turns out that she was also kidnapped by sexy androids and whisked up to a space station on the periphery. The same station where I was held captive and indoctrinated into an immortality cult of sorts. The girl somehow found out where I lived, and now she's here, with her feet propped up on our couch, because she wants me to go into space with her to hunt these androids, and she also needs a place to stay tonight, so….

“My cousin, she’s my cousin,” I stammered instead.

“Oh, you never told me about a cousin,” said Elena looking over my shoulder.

“I didn’t want you to worry. My cousin, she has issues, you know. But let’s talk about it later."

“Van Francis Crick, what kind of fool do you take me for? Now, you tell me who this girl is and what she's doing in our home, or I’m walking away.”

On the couch, Sarah was happily munching potato chips with a grin on her face.

“Sarah," I said stroking my chin, "her name is Sarah.”

“Hi Elena!” Sarah waved from the couch. “Nice to meet you!”

And that’s pretty much how my life on Earth came to a crashing halt, and I now find myself in this orbital joint miles away from home. What about you? What brings you here?

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