Writing between women and letters/ Power of a Woman

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Eunice has always wanted to do that which no woman within her vicinity has done.

A girl with a big heart ( she always chases beyond Imagination) what people think is impossible for her gender is what will always engage herself.

People will always warn but she is the type that insists on whatever she wants to do and she tries her best until she gets to that point where people thought someone like her couldn't get there.

Eunice was born in the Family of Mr Japheth with 6 boys she grow up and happened to be the last of them all.

What amazes people is the fact that she even refuses to acknowledge the fact that she is the last born in the house and in that regard she will always do as her elder brothers will do.

When they lift heavy objects she also will want to try such even though she will not be able but like I said she is a go-getter she will chase until she can do it. ( lifting that object).

Eunice grew up discovering something was missing in her community she tries to bring it up by achieving it just proving to the world that "what a man can do, a woman can do better" even though it will take time but it will happen.

Talking of gender equity she believes that women deserve equal rights as men so that women should do all that men do and that's the only way when the right of women will be respected.

She discovered all professions that men do some women of courage just like her have also taken part in such professions, but one is left.

Which happens to be a female Pilot she thought to herself I want to be the female pilot in this nation not only in my community. So she worked towards achieving that goal.

She was good with her studies she studied hard and got into the final stage of her quest which is the pilot school where she will learn the ethics of flying a plane her progress was a thing of joy to her and her family.

Eunice graduated with a good grade in her schooling it was now time for the practical aspect that is flying a plane.

She was denied that fact due to gender inequality.

"She is a woman, she can't do it. Flying a plane require people with bug heart" People who don't fear height and people who will not panic over a small fault while flying hundreds of lives.

I can do it, sir, she interrupted her commander as he tries to put her behind the line. What is the essence of my schooling? What is the essence of my dream if, at the end of the day, I can not do this, Eunice said to her commander.

This is not about dreams what we are talking about is the life of the people you will be transporting via this means of transportation we have never had a female pilot so what's the proof that you can do this as a woman?

But in my practicals, I have successfully flown planes and landed successfully without any problem. Eunice tries to defend herself.

Why not give me a try she asked of the commander.

With the lives of people? Oh No, that will not happen.

Eunice left disappointed.


But then something strange happened she sat and thought for a while. A plane was boarded by 500 passengers who were travelling to a nearby nation. Without a word from anyone she walked into the plane and assumed the sit of the pilot sounded a takeoff warning to passengers started the plane and off she went the pilot that was supposed to go on that flight was still preparing when he got information that the plane he is supposed to be flying has taken off.

He ran to the control room to report that he is not the one on the plane. The commander was worried about who could be the pilot flying that plane.

Investigators discovered it was Eunice that was flying the plane it was more than a smooth flight, she successfully landed the passengers safe and sound and again picked up some other passengers back to her airport.

This is a punishable offence the commander yelled at her so that he suspended her for six months but then barred her from flying a plane after she resume he ordered she should be in the control group to monitor all fights. But then Eunice has achieved that which she wants and history has taken it that she is the female pilot to fly a plane.

And she knows she will do that again someday. At least she has succeeded in passing the message that ladies can also fly planes.


Eunice was a very daring young woman and in spite of the impediment to fly because she was a woman, she showed that she hated to fly, of course she did.
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