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RE: RISING STAR, Proyecto interesante basado en gaming y colección de cartas.

in Blockchain Gaming2 years ago

I'm really getting addicted to this rs game and I see no reason why anyone on hive won't be playing such a great P2E.

I started few mo the ago and I don't think I would be so invested to the game now i'm even making plans and goals that I wish to achieve in the game.

I think its good to start making posts about the game to create more awareness and bring in more users

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Soon I will bring a video explaining how to get started for my community on Youtube, and I will also bring it here!

That's the best way to go, but I will prefer 3speak for posting my videos, I have a love/hate relationship with centralized media.

But for something like this I can watch the videos on YouTube , do you have a link to your Channel?

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