What Types Of Clouds Are There?

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Our #LoveTheClouds community has been around for quite some time, yet we never really talked about all the kinds of clouds in the sky...

So I thought it would be nice to talk a bit about cloud types today 🙂

It only been about 200 years since scientists started to officially categorize clouds. And who is to blame them for starting so late - after all, clouds seem pretty hard ot categorize... We seemingly have all kinds of types of clouds: puffy ones, lean and stretchy ones, feathery ones or dark and voliminous clouds. So how do we go about and try to name and separate them?

A good way is to go about height: We can separate clouds according to where they form and "hang out". In the chart above you can see three main layers in which we find different cloud types. We all have seen them in one form or another, but it might come as a surprise that they are to be found at such different heights. The lowest ones form at ground level (fog) and they go all the way up to over 10 kilometers.

Clouds can also be spearated in terms of their appearance: cumulus clouds are the rather puffy and voliminous clouds (although their size can be quite different), while stratus clouds are layer like clouds which can are often to be found on overcast skies which give that overall "whitish" appearance of the sky. Nimbus clouds are responsible for the rain and the storms we get. Its root meaning stems from "anvil" which refers to their resemblance to anvils that blacksmiths use. Cirrus clouds on the other hand are to be found way up there, in the top layer of the atmosphere where clouds can still form (although there are actually clouds which form even higher than that).

The video below is a really great introduction to clouds! Have fun :)




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Excelente tema, hace poco realice un post describiendo un tipo de nube y no me atreví hablar mucho específicamente sobre eso, por el desconocimiento, Gracias por la información, un abrazo 🤗

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It's kind of good they are giving names of the clouds but they forgot to mention #chemtrails ;)
I observe the sky every day...
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