Malpighia emarginata [EN/ES]

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Latin nameObservation dateLocation
Malpighia emarginataApril 02, 2023Cuba


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This plant belongs to the cherry family, for this reason we sow it in our garden, its fruits look the same as the cherry, but it bears larger and sweeter fruits.

Esta planta es familia de la cereza, por este motivo la sembramos en nuestro jardín, sus frutos son de igual aspecto que la cereza, pero esta da frutos más grandes, y más dulces.


Now that's a hit!
Larger and Sweeter fruit!

Thanks for the info and wishing You an Amazing Weekend!

Thank you very much for your nice wishes 🤗 and yes... this fruit is delicious and I like it better than the cherry that we know here, it is less acidic 🤭
Happy weekend my friend🤗🤗🤗

You are Very Welcome and Thank You as well!
Have an Amazing Sunday!



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