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Allamanda catharticaMay 22, 2023Cuba


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Today I went to a town where I used to work 3 years ago and I visited a great friend whom I hold dear and during my stay at her house I couldn't help but photograph some of her plants.

El día de hoy fuí a un pueblo donde solía trabajar hace 3 años y visité a una gran amiga a quien estimo mucho y durante mi estancia en su casa no pude evitar fotografiar algunas de sus plantas.

His garden has varieties of plants, some of which I have in my own house and others that I don't, that's why I dedicated myself to photographing them and sharing them with you.

Su jardín tiene variedades de plantas algunas las tengo en mi propia casa y otras no, por eso me dediqué a fotografiarlas y compartirlas con ustedes.


Absolutely Beautiful Photos @jazmin89 !
We have some of those growing here in the park! 👀🌳

Happy Week!

Good friend, enjoy those beautiful flowers☺️☺️☺️

Thank You my Friend @jazmin89 !


Happy Mid-Week Week my friend,
@jazmin89 !

Thank you ☺️🎉🎊

And a Happy Thursday as well @jazmin89 !

woww very beautiful flowers can even calm us down when we are in trouble

haha very true

Yay! 🤗
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