Damselflies in Sumatra

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Hey nature observers! I'm interested in this community and really want to contribute here. So for my first contribution, here are some photos from my observations of Odonata in Sumatra. Yes, my main focus so far has been on the world of insects because they are something that interests me.

I have learned the rules enforced in this community. But maybe there are two things that I haven't been able to do until now. First, about latitude longitude link to the original community using OpenStreetMap: this is a little confusing because the Blang Kulam waterfall, the location where the photos were taken does not appear there.

And then about the original community, I have been a member of inaturalist since 2020. It's just that I don't actively contribute there, I haven't even posted any pictures of my observations there. Maybe in the future, I will. So for this, I'm sorry. Thanks to @birdwatcher for understanding.

Latin nameObservation dateLocation
Prodasineura verticalis12.03.2023Blang Kolam Waterfall, North Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia




Latin nameObservation dateLocation
Euphaea variegata12.03.2023Blang Kolam Waterfall, North Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia



Latin nameObservation dateLocation
Dysphaea ethela12.03.2023Blang Kolam Waterfall, North Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia




CameraXiaomi Poco X3 NFC Smartphone
LensExternal macro lens for Smartphone
CategoryMacro Photography
ProcessedMobile Lightroom

Source of scientific name:


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Nice damseflies and perfect photos. Welcome to Nature Observer. You can use Google maps if you need. Openstreetmap is just my personal choice.

I really appreciate the warm welcome. Ok, for the next post, I will try to use Google maps. Thanks :)