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Another day has come to a close so here's guessing I should give praise to it...???

After all, if events which never happened, did happen, then I might be dead and frustratingly attempting to post with ghostly fingers.

Ya know...?!?!?!? I never could understand why people often say, "Be happy that you're still alive" after you've told them a harrowing experience you had, and almost died... If Heaven is supposed to be so heavenly, then wouldn't I be happier dead?

Maybe the people that tell me how lucky I am to be alive, think I'm going to Hell once I've croaked? Maybe, they don't believe in Heaven or Hell at all?

I don't know...??? Personally, I feel that death is not the 'end of the line' for we Earthly travelers. In some way, shape and form, we continue on.

I've had numerous encounters with family and friends, in a variety of ways after they were deceased. One day I might write about some of those experiences, once again; I've written about them elsewhere over the years.

One evening, I heard a sister call my name twice from a short distance behind me... I didn't even know she had tragically died, earlier that day...

Another time, as I kicked back in my recliner to watch the Evening News, a strange, flickering Orb, slowly traveled the length of my wall, close to the ceiling.

It appeared mostly black at it's center, with little spark-like things surrounding it's perimeter...??? It slowly faded away as I watched in wonder...

A few hours later, I received a call that my teenaged niece (Godchild) had died in an automobile accident at about that time, the evening news was being broadcast.

My father once decided to go to bed early one night because he, "wasn't feeling well". He had a little clock-radio near his bedside, that he'd always turn on to have soft music lull him into sleep.

That night, while he adjusted the volume knob, the radio sparked and sent up a plume of smoke. The hands of the clock had stopped right around the time his brother died from a heart attack 200 miles away...

ANYWAY... I guess that's about all I have on my mind for now, my friends. Have any of you been signaled in some way by a deceased friend or family member?

Stay well, or... get that way.

I'll see ya, when I see ya...



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No I haven't had any signals from deceased friends or family.

Perhaps you will one day...???

Wow you've had some incredible connections/synchronicities with the spirit world! I'm just reading Journey of Souls (Michael Newton) and also previously read in Many Lives, Many masters (Brian Weiss) about what happens with soul after death and life "between lives". Authors learn about it by bringing their clients into a hypnotic trance state where they can remember previous lives.
If I remember correctly, they also mentioned such orbs of light - it's a soul of recently deceased that wants to stick around for a short while after leaving the body to let the loved ones know that it's safe now, that they'll meet again on the spiritual plane.

Yes, @Alcibiades... I've had many so-called supernatural experiences from the time of early childhood (I rarely speak of them, these days)

I've heard of those books you have mentioned, but never read them; perhaps I'll check them out. There exists, a lot of writings on the subject, some of which I found very interesting.

Thanks for stopping by with your input. By clicking on your user name I've discovered your page, with interesting content. Your photographic captures are a joy to see. I like the results of your techniques. I'll be adding you to my follow list :>)

I'm sure you would enjoy reading them since they are helping me a lot to understand the whole process. Looking forward to reading more about your experiences.
Glad you enjoy my photography work. :)


Let's imagine , reincarnation is real . Now take a look at the world .... are you better of death ? What are the chances to get a life like the one you have right now ?
In the end reincarnation is just a shitty loophole .
There must be a trick to break the code , to escape the loophole , to become part of the whole universe .
I make electrical disturbance in this world by default ,
equipment sparking exploding and stuff , so i might have missed some sign's from the other side . ;-)

You often have an interesting perspective on things @small1axe... I might even stick around in this Hive because of people like you😎

It's just my simple imagination , i thank you for the value you give me :-)
I am well connected to the common human subconscious , so if Hive fail's you one day
you might find me there ;-)

I'll keep my half blind eye out for you... :>)

My ex's grandfather would always ask me to go to church with him, I never did and we moved in with him to take care of him so he wouldn't have to live out the rest of his life in the hospital. After he passed away, for a while, anytime we would try to watch football, the channel would change to a station airing a mass, or playing gospel music on Sunday... now, the TV was really old. Was he trying to get me to have more religion in my life? Or was it just an old TV that seemed to be religious?

I have never really been religious. I am of the opinion, books have been written by man and while a lot of what we read is more than likely a true account of things... I tend to think that either embellished truth or flat out lies will always find a way to creep in for one reason or another. People always have an agenda, even back in the days of writing the bible. I believe religion is tool more sinister than we realize.

I would say that yes, I believe in a creator and I am a more spiritual person, and even more so just recently. I believe we are all connected and your story just kind of helps me lean more that way. I've heard a ton incredible stories like yours! It happens too much for there to be nothing when we die.

Interesting account about your ex's grandfather and possible post-death visitation of sorts.

I doubt that our after-life experience differs depending upon whether we 'read' or not, nor how we feel about religious text. Yet, as we move through this life and into the next, I suspect love plays the biggest role for cause and effect.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I suspect love plays the biggest role for cause and effect.

Yes!!! @angryman I could not agree more with that statement!!