Ligaya Garden DIY - Quick and nasty solar oven

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Today I needed to defrost 250g of mincemeat. Rather than use the convection oven, I decided to make up a quick solar cooker to do the job. Solar cookers don't have to be overly complex - you are just catching sunlight and reflecting it onto an object. Some ovens are insulated to store the heat for better cooking but you can get away with some decidedly dodgy designs - like this one

Looking around, I found a couple of aluminium trays and an oven bag.

To assemble this project, I positioned the foil trays so one was flat and one stood upright behind it. I marked where the two touched and cut a slot into each at those points. These slots fitted one into the other and I added clothes pegs to hold it all together.


Two more slots cut into the front of the bottom tray allowed me to fold down a piece of the tray to make an adjustable front reflector.

I placed a small kitchen rack in the middle, put the meat into an oven bag and placed this into the solar cooker.

It was 29 degrees centigrade and sunny, with a light breeze. Defrosting completely took only 2 hours. The meat started to cook after that but wouldn’t have been ready in time so it went into the kitchen to finish off.







Groovy. Kinda grosses me out as it's meat and I dont eat a lot of it, hardly ever - if at all these days - but love a resourceful solution.

quick and easy

It doesn't melt the plastic pegs then, or the bin lid for that matter?

@tipu curate

It doesn't get hot enough to melt the pegs as they are on the outside. It was only on the bin for the pic. mostly, its on concrete


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