The Covid Cult - Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

in Coronavirus Pandemic5 months ago (edited)

This is the greatest public health fiasco in the history of the world, and the media has distorted it so badly, that much of the general public is celebrating villains and hissing at heroes. And, even — perversely enough — celebrating the destruction of their own lives and their children's lives.

Special thanks to Yinon Weiss and Ian Miller for creating the charts.

Presented at the Mises Institute's "Symposium with Ron Paul" on Saturday, 7 November 2020, in Angleton, Texas.

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100% of rewards have been burnt


I support freedom and the human race deserves better than to suffer under this hoax

The covidian death cult. Sheep ass followers too!



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used to have a lot of respect for him 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

And...? This has all been planned exactly this way and what is amazing is how perfectly the avalanche has done it’s job and continues to do so - humanity on the whole was waiting for this to happen- complacency- greed- our unadulterated hedonistic treasonous sloth brought this on - as within , so without and this just the beginning-