Crowdin Introduction during my Contribution to the Ecency Translate [PERSONAL EXPERIENCE]

Hello friends!

Today I will be using my post to both give you an update on the translation process of the Ecency project, and to create the first real Universo Binario community article.

Yesterday a message from the big boss ( ;) ) @good-karma informed us that a new version of the app would be implemented shortly and that the translations provided so far would be taken into consideration. In the last few days I had left out translations focusing on some pending personal projects; once I read the message, I reopened Crowdin - the platform used to collect translation contributions - and searched for the missing strings. Towards midnight, I finished the last parts and breathed a sigh: translation completed. Now let's pass the ball to Good-karma for the next steps and focus on the tool used in this adventure.


CROWDIN: A resource to keep an eye on

Crowdin is a team working platform suitable for those who want to collect contributions from various parts of the globe and where everyone can lend a hand for free. The platform also provides paid plans for more advanced features, but let's focus on the basic level which can be accessed without constraints.

The first thing to do is to search for the name "Crowdin" on a search engine or connect to the URL You will find yourself in front of the screen shown below.


At this point you can click on “get started for free” and you will be redirected to the login page: here you can access it for the first time by registering in advance. There are also alternative accounts to log in with, such as Google, Facebook, Github, etc. Once logged in, you will be redirected to your profile page.


At this point, Crowdin offers 2 possibilities: either you participate for free by putting your knowledge into the field by joining ongoing projects, or you decide to create a project yourself: in the second case, you will have 14 days to take advantage of a free trial, after which you will need to subscribe to a paid plan.

For those wishing to contribute to ongoing business projects such as translations of apps or websites, perhaps for some advertising in return, this is the right place. But how to create your own project or to access ongoing projects? Let's see the 2 cases.


Translations/Team Working Platform
Free/Paid Service


To create a project on Crowdin you have to go to your profile page, where you will automatically arrive by logging in with your credentials. At this point, you can move up on the page, where you see the project button. You have to click on the arrow pointing down and choose the "create project" option.



This will open a page that you can complete with the details of your project. Once compiled, you can click on the green button below, which says "create project".



From here, you'll have 14 days to test the features, then you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. There are really many features that you can experiment with, but the main one that earned me the experience is that of translations: you can add text strings that will have to be translated by whoever will take charge of them. Let's see in more detail how translations work talking about the second possibility, the one I personally took advantage of. But first, I'll tell you how to delete your project in case you don't need it anymore: you can go to the project summary page, click on “general” and scroll the page that will appear at the bottom. At this point, you have to click on the red “Delete Project” button and wait until the system redirects you to your profile page. If it does not, you have to repeat the operation until this happens.

JOIN IN A PROJECT: Let's go with translations!

Let's take a few steps back and go back to the login page (URL: We log in and go to the profile page. Click on the arrow next to the Projects button and choose another option, namely "Explore Public Projects".


A page will open containing the categories of projects on the platform and, further down, the most popular projects in recent times. You can also search for a project that you know or click on the category of your interest.


Once you have found what you like, you can click on it and sign up as a contributor to the project by clicking on the “join” button at the top right.


Once this is done, you can find the project on the main page of your profile, as shown in my case for Ecency.


Ok, here we go. The time has come to start the actual translation. As? Just click on the name of the project from the list in your profile. A page will open with the icons of all the national languages available for translation. You will obviously have to choose the ones you are competent in, paying attention to the source language of the project, which is described on the side panel on the right and circled in red in the figure below. The percentages under each nationality icon are used to indicate the percentage of translation performed and the percentage currently accepted by the big bosses, in both cases in relation to the total number of strings present.


We said strings: yes, exactly, strings. By "string" we mean a series of alphanumeric elements (numbers, words, special characters, etc) presented in the project's original language. In the screen that will open after clicking on the icon of the language in which you want to translate the strings in the native language, you must click on the last file at the bottom, marked with the icon of a text page. At this point, you will enter the actual translation interface that I show you in the figure.


I have indicated there everything you need to know about the various main parts. In addition, the squares next to the strings indicate the status of the strings: those approved, those still to be translated, those with problems, etc. In case you can't understand them, you can consult the FAQ on the Crowdin website. Also, there is no need to save anymore in case you exit Crowdin: the strings are saved when you click "Save".

Finally, I would like to underline the working principle behind this tool: every translation you make is your property by right but, by using this platform, you grant its reuse in any form it can be used by the managers of the project it refers to. There is also no compensation paid, unless you have established different agreements outside the platform. This - obviously - today, January 5, 2021. In the future, who knows.

I hope I have been useful to you and that you can use this tool in the most profitable way. For today, I greet you and see you soon on Hive. Upvote and Rehive the post if you liked it.

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