Being in a Fake World

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I was dumbfounded by a virtual reality experience. It made me realise how harmful it can be living in a deluded mind.

One moment I was sitting in a pub on a cliff in Llangollen, overlooking stunning mountains lined with charming country cottages. Then, with the press of a button, and looking through the lens of this VR system, I was transferred to sitting on a comfy couch in a grand luxurious living room. Deluded at the moment, I almost fell off my barstool while attempting to rest my back on a non-existing couch.

In another minute, I was relaxing and mindfully engaged in a guided underwater meditation, surrounded by nudibranchs - the closest experience I'll ever have to scuba diving. That experience made me rather uncomfortable because I am not a lover of the deep blue.
My virtual underwater experience was so real, that I felt a slight panic as if I was drowning.

Anyway, to save me the embarrassment of panic delusions of being at the bottom of the ocean, I took the device off. I was happier to be back in the real world.
I quickly composed by myself, as my brain cells returned to reality...back in the real world, where I was, sitting on a barstool.

My first "otherworld" experience was when I was about six years old. I was introduced to what seemed like magic.

Do you remember these?

Img Src

If you were a child in the 80s, then I am sure you are feeling nostalgic now.

I would go off on a tangent whenever I looked through a view master.

I am intrigued by this virtual reality headset, and on a tagline of the product says "make every move the virtual world."

Do we make every move count in our real world? Or are we deluded into thinking that what we do does not matter?

I was left marvelled at how our brain works in correlation with virtual reality versus real life. My visual senses made me believe I was at those places; I felt the same emotions I would have felt in real life.

This experience made me wonder how would virtual teaching help a person like me who is easily distracted, hence poor performance and disinterest in classroom studies?

I was drawn into the fake world created by the device.

Have you ever tried on one of those VR headsets?
What did you feel?

How effective do you think this device could be in helping someone regain lost memories of events in their lives?

I am easily blown away by how advanced technology is. Don't laugh, but the memories of looking into a view master for the very first time still have that awe-effect on me.

I remember closing my eyes to sleep trying to make sense of how and what had just happened.

Are you big on technology, or do you struggle to keep up with the continuous advancement of technology?

Photo of me was taken by @vanbliss, the owner of the VR headset.


I actually don't care for VR although I like technology. (does that make sense?) Fantasy is fine, but, living in a perceived real world that isn't? It messes with my brain. :(

Poor kids of today won't be able to sort reality from their real life. Yikes.

I totally get you on that, 💯%. I could not have said that better.

Still, I'm always fascinated by others who dig this kind of thing.

I guess I am one who feels and is guided by intuition mainly, so I find real things more appealing than fantasies.😁😅

I am fascinated by the technology aspect of it, but, kids already don't live in a real-world, they are too busy living it online. They already don't speak to people, they text them. I have noticed they don't even party the way they used to. (Okay, that may not be a bad thing)

I took the kids to our summer house on the Canadian border all summer when they were growing up, we had 80 acres and no television and we just let 'em go! It was the best. I can see they balance online and real life now and I know that I am lucky and it doesn't always happen that way.

I guess what it boils down to is this: I am afraid that the youth of today will be missing out on some of the essential steps to growing up, getting cheated out of childhood, and making their way in an adult world before their time. Or perhaps that is just me, lagging in the technology department.

I find real life waaaay more appealing. I agree.

I fully agree that we had the best of both worlds and balance.
I grew up free to play outdoors in nature, which helped me to develop a creative mind.

Kids these days get depressed so easily and find it easier to depend on medication to make them feel better about the world. It is frightening and makes you wonder what it will be like in the next twenty years in the work environment...what will people's coping mechanisms be, when facing adulthood.

I am always intrigued when you speak of growing up on vast acres of land. That I would find as a real simple perk of life.🙏😁

They should have put you on a normal chair or couch before letting you wear this. ;^)

If you were a child in the 80s, then I am sure you are feeling nostalgic now.

Guilty as charged ( 1981 ).
Those machines were high tech,
back in the days ;^)

before all kinds of screens took over and started messing with our minds.

I never used a VR headset. It's still a thing of the movies for me, reminding me of the film Strange Days - one of a handful of scifi films that we watched and discussed in Uni, back when I studied film, in the early 2000s.

Thank you for this trip back to memory lane!

Sending you a friendly raptor hug from rural Portugal,


Hello @vincentnijman,
Yeah, the VR set is really like a thing of the movies 😆

I'm not big on SciFi, but that Strange Day sounds like something worth watching:)

Thanks for dropping by and for your virtual hug...sending one right back at you 🤗

You're welcome. I have to warn that Strange Days is a rough movie to watch, like most SciFi out there.

In all honesty, I love scifi - the majority of what I read and watch is exactly that - but it's sometimes scary how closely society / the system seems to copy w
or mirror what is supposed to be 'fiction'.

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday :^)

Thanks for that warning:)


I'm scared as hell of these VR devices. How are they gonna serve us? Are they gonna suck the last remains of real social interactions we have? Combine that to Metaverse and we might stop interacting with each other in person; we'll stop touching each other; feeling each other.

I believe we're a step away from that parallel world with the social medias. Kids are already living in a world that does not exist (speaking of Instagram influencers here).

Kids are already living in a world that does not exist (speaking of Instagram influencers here).


The advancement of technology really makes you wonder. What will the next 30 years bring??

Good question. We advanced so much in these last two years regarding home office and stuff. It's gonna be awesome though to see doctors perform surgeries on a person across the globe, just using VR, robots and latency-free internet. Cars? Possibly will become electric and for just a few people, since a ginormous fleet of electric cars will consume a heck ton of energy, which will push electricity costs up even more. I'm also curious to see that crazy Neuralink.

I'm also curious to see that crazy Neuralink.

Ah, yes! That's another level 😏

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View Master! I was trying to remember the name of these this weekend when talking about toys we used to love as kids.

Haha! Weren't they just the most amazing thing ever??🤣

100% you got to see cities from around the world and all sorts.

I was completely blown away by the dynamics of it.😳

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I have tried VR headsets a few times and each time I laughed my way through. My brain is always fully aware it isn't real.

Haha! I was blown away and the experience totally got the best of me. I guess it didn't help that I was in a building on a cliff. It is something for sure. I would love to explore it some more.

Thanks for stopping by:)

good article. have a nice day

😊 Thank you for your kind feedback:)
Have a nice day too!

you're welcome,

Reading your experiences makes me feel so excited. I have never experienced this. maybe I should give it a try

Hello @kimloan I never knew something like that existed until then🤣 ... mainly because I am backward with technology.
Yes, it is worth giving it a try, even in a store that sells them, I would say:)
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment:)

I prefer realty reality over virtual reality.

Me too. I don't like anything that messes with my perceptions.
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice week :)

Agreed, and yep, I hope you have a good week also.


😀😀😀 I had to laugh reading this as I imagined Cam popping up to stop you rocking off the barstool.

View finders were so cool, I actually saw one in a charity shop the other day, nearly got it except I am trying to declutter not get more stuff!

VR is something I have watched people do on YouTube and decline the invitations to try it. I love tech but I think I am going to pass on using VR. I think people now have a hard enough job differentiating the reality from movies and games without bringing in VR as well to the mix.
So I take it h t that you didn;t get scuba diving in the Philippines then?