Will Apple ever release a foldable iPhone

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A nerd can dream 🤓🌌

I'm a bit of an Apple fanboy. I purchased the very first iPhone to ever release, all the way back in 2007. It was revolutionary at the time, although compared to now it didn't do much. The first iPhone had a touch screen that actually worked well and a thin design that made other phones look like blocks of junk.

I was able to watch movies in my 9th-grade classes during high school. I could not however get on the App Store and download things, because that did not become a thing until 2008. Also, 3G wasn't even implemented yet, so I had to deal with the excruciatingly slow speeds of something called Edge.

iPhones have come a very long way and I do not see Apple slowing down its innovations anytime soon. Apple also has a larger device called the iPad that was not birthed until 2010, around the same time that the iPhone 4 was released. Since then, we have been slowly been getting drip-fed new features every single year with updated models. I've had several iPhones and currently rock an XS. I've had a couple of iPads as well and at the moment have an older iPad Mini.

One thing that I have always fantasized about is the potential to combine the iPhone and iPad into one product. That would benefit me in many ways and would eliminate the need to have two separate devices. I could have a smaller screen when needed and then expand it during circumstances that asked for more screen real estate. Sounds idyllic, right? Would Apple really ever be willing to sacrifice some extra sales just to give its consumers what they really want? Just maybe.


When I say I want a foldable iPhone, I do not mean one that is the same size as what we already have and just folds in half. That to me is just a gimmick of a feature and wouldn't really make me feel like I was getting exactly what I wanted out of a foldable iPhone. The images you see above look cool, but I don't see the point.

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I would much rather have an iPhone that is along the lines of the one you see above now. Something that shrinks down very thin and then can expand to a similar size as an iPad. This would combine the products into one mega Apple device. Still yet, I am not sure That having a device that is quite this thin when folded would be perfect either.

I honestly just want an iPhone that is small like the iPhone SE's 4.7-inch screen when folded in half but has the ability to expand into the size of an iPad mini. It would be essential that there is no line going down the middle of the screen when it is opened up all the way. I know other manufacturers such as Samsung have already been playing with foldable phones, but I do not love what they have released so far. Apple on the other hand never seems to disappoint me with its well-crafted designs. I know that if they actually released a foldable iPhone, then they would do it better than anyone else.

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The size of an iPad works in so many situations, but so does the smaller design with an iPhone. Currently, the 13 Pro Max iPhone is the largest option, with a screen size of 6.68-inch. That is still smaller than the smallest iPad option, which is the iPad mini and its 8.3-inch screen. Of course, there is also the giant iPad Pro which now comes in a 12.9-inch screen.

My mind goes wild thinking about what Apple could potentially do to innovate and show the world something new. I know I have hesitated to buy a new iPad for many years now. I have my iPhone with me everywhere that I go, so that is the tech device that I prefer to upgrade every 2-4 years. I actually have never purchased an iPad, I've been lucky enough to have been gifted both of the ones that I've used. They are great, but I just do not carry an iPad with me when I go places, so I do not consider having one as essential.

Will a foldable iPhone ever release❓

There are lots of rumors talking about a foldable iPhone, but it is yet to happen. I would love to see it get announced eventually, but I am not sure that it ever will.

What do you think? Would you purchase a foldable iPhone? Are you happy with keeping the iPhone and iPad separate from one another? Maybe you hate Apple altogether. Leave a comment down below and let me know, let's get a conversation started.


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They'll wait a few years for the foldable tech to become better then release their own and call it the first in true Apple fashion lol

And they will sell it for a lot of money. Just like everything else they release.

I have a feeling that you are right, I sense it will come eventually. How do you think this will impact the need for an iPad though? If my iPhone went to an iPad-like size, I would have zero desire to own an iPad. I don't see them wanting to eliminate one of their most popular products. Perhaps they would just get rid of the smaller iPads and only have the giant ones for sale and let the iPhone take care of the smaller sizes.

Yeah, I think the iPad mini is kinda dead anyway. They'll probably move all iPads to a standard size like this year's Pro's. There will still be the Mini, Regular, and Pro max models of the phones. They'll probably add in the Folable iPhone device right in the middle there to create some kind of demand for those few people that liked the iPad mini. I also fully expect them to go port-less by the time they drop a foldable.

I would love it if they enabled the Apple Pencil to work with an iPhone. I would buy on in a heartbeat, but the screen would also need to be big enough for that to make sense... In comes the foldable phone to make it work.

I dread the no ports, but then again maybe cords are pointless and I'm just used to something that is truly becoming obsolete. As long as they give me a viable alternative I'm okay. Airdrop works really well for transferring files for instance. Wireless charging is fine too, they just need to let us have fast charging wirelessly as other devices can do.

Oh yeah it would make sense for the Pencil to be compatible with the potential Foldable. As far as ports go.... I feel like until wireless charging becomes truly wireless charging (like Near Field Communication), no ports is a no-go. But Apple does have a way of dealing with people being skeptical about changes. Just fuckin do it anyway like when they killed the headphone jack. People complained but got over it. Now it's a standard.

Yea, if they pull the plug on ports too early that could cause issues with many of their loyal fans. They already had to revert on that with Macbook Pros.

I kind of like the idea of iPhone to iPad fold design. If Apple is able to achieve that it will be great as they are the best in the mobile industry

I trust Apple to do the fold in a way that makes me want to purchase it.

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I would rather ask will Apple ever release an affordable iPhone? The iPhones are very much overpriced. Even if their cameras are very good.

Yea that is a good point. I remember back when I purchased the very first iPhone to ever release, I believe it was $500. Now when I look at the new 13 Pro Max, it would cost me about $1300 to get the model that I'd prefer. Pretty ridiculous indeed.

I hate to say that "daddie apple" will come in to save the day because I feel the price of Apple's tech is a bit too high for what it is. But it's the truth, Apple will come in a bit later (when things are easier and tech is better) and smash android brands into the ground. I mean am I wrong? When was the last time they introduced brand new tech features that flopped? Samsung is the brand that experiments but the tech is just a couple years too early. (that's a legitimate question because I don't know lol)

Was going to say more but I already have a chunk of text. #AppleGang

P.S. good edit of the message on your pics, tasteful addition

The only times I've used Android devices I got annoyed over one thing or another. The thing can be said about all of my experience with Windows computers. They work just fine, but I prefer what Apple offers... even with the rather large price tag that comes with it.

Thanks for the compliment within your comment. I love creating pleasing designs that help my blogs flow better. I do this for you, others, and of course myself a bit too. It's quite satisfying.

Same exact thing, the storage and the way Snapchat would record the cam instead of utilize it ticked me off, since then I vowed myself off Android and stayed that way as well moving my mom to Apple. I've never used MacOS to really say anything, but I like Windows and cant see myself changing. (given Win11 doesn't suck absolute ass)

Haha of course, hey I wouldn't expect it from anyone else other than a graphic designer. Keep up the hard work 👍

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