I got a new desk to go with my upcoming iMac purchase

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Time for an upgrade

Last week Apple announced their new iMac. I had been waiting multiple years for Apple to refresh their iMac lineup. Finally this has been done and the upgrades include the new M1 chip, a 24in 4.5K display, and more. I was sold pretty much right away since I had been waiting patiently for this to happen, plus I have the extra funds.

The new iMac will be available to preorder starting tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Eastern Time (Friday, April 30.) This means I am going to get up bright and early to make sure that I secure a launch iMac. I have decided to get the green one, since the two tone color features teal (my favorite color) on the back. I am going to be configuring a pretty powerful machine, I want to make sure that I get something that will be great for many years.

I was excited about this new announcement, so I told my mother that I was planning on getting a new iMac. She is an avid Wayfair shopper and regularly has the opportunity to get free products in exchange for writing a review. I knew that she would probably be able to find me a nice computer desk for my new iMac. In less than 24 hours she had found me the perfect desk. I wasn't surprised one bit, she is always coming through clutch. Take a look how awesome my new desk looks. I especially like the white accents that will match perfectly with the chin bezel on the iMac.


It was very simple to put together with just 3 easy steps. In about 10 minutes I had a new computer desk and it even fit perfectly where I had planned to use it. I was impressed with the build quality, it is very solid and the surface seems pretty durable. I am amazed that my mother was able to claim this on Wayfair for free. It really does pay off being such a consistent customer.


My apartment only has so much space, but somehow I was able to slide this new desk right next to my tv. It will be beside my modem, so I will be able to rely on Gigabit Ethernet instead of WiFi. The base level iMac doesn’t have Ethernet, but the upgraded models feature a handy port on the power block.

I already had a smaller computer desk, but it is over 10 years old. I had been using the old desk as a place to eat my meals, but had been alternating use cases depending on the situation. It is nice to finally have a spacious desk specifically for my computers.


As of now, the only thing I have to display on my new desk is my current laptop and the new RGB mouse pad that I just found at Big Lots. Back in early 2018 I purchased a new Macbook Pro. It still works great for me, the only thing is that it could use a battery replacement. Also the SSD is only 128 GB, which has given me some problems due to large program and file sizes. I do not want to not make the same mistake and will be sure to get a bigger SSD this time around. I will probably end up replacing my Macbook Pro's battery soon and continue to use it when I travel.


I'm super excited to preorder my new iMac tomorrow morning. This will be the first time that I do not get a base model Apple computer. I am going for the upgraded model with the added features. I am going to have such an awesome work space once I finally get the iMac sometime mid-May. I will of course update you on how things with more new blogs and surely some videos in the future too.


Call me silly for spending so much money on a fancy iMac, but it is truly what I desire. I do not often splurge on things like this, so when I do it is usually something that I know I will be using often. Just look how gorgeous that green is, no saying no to that.

Thanks for checking out my blog 😎🤝


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that looks nice! I don't have a desk anymore coz I gave to my yaya coz I wanted extra space. Am just using my dining table as my work desk, it's a dining table slash work station slash extra counter space for my food blog, pretty much I use my dining table for everything, lol!

and oh that chair looks pretty comfy ha!

I have had so much extra space for the last year, it was time for a change. It is weird how we always want what we do not have, it just takes time for that to become apparent.

Sounds like we both use our table for the same thing, I know it works well and gives so much more space.

That chair is amazing. It is called a papasan chair. I love it, but have the desire/need for a double papasan. Again that would take up more space. I look forward to have a much larger living area in the future.

Well, once in a while we can spoil ourselves with things that will make us happy even though it is temporary. I go through phases where I started buying stuff that I know I don't need but later on, I'll get rid of those stuff just to declutter.

papasan chair ha, sounds cute! haha Why do you need a double papasan?

I know the feeling.
For more space, I can only fit one person (comfortably) in my current papasan.

Haha we humans are funny species, o don't know why do that to ourselves. I don't know if I can still call myself a hoarder, I tried to get rid a lot stuff but I know I stuff have random ones that I haven't even use in a few years now.

Btw, we're do you guys live and how's the vivid situation there?

We love collecting items, whether they hold actual value or not. Our mind likes to make up worth for the most useless of things.

WV is in mid-eastern USA. Living here has its perks and downfalls. We are far away from everything besides our forest and little city that I grew up in.


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I agree with that.

I would say, am jealous because you are surrounded by abundant nature but I know myself, I love to also be surrounded by close friends and the convenience of living close to the city is a nice thing.

Oh west Virginia, just peaked at your page 😁

I have that exact desk. I like it. Solid design. As you can see, I was able to fit a couple of drawers underneath it. Very convenient and just the right amount of space.

Wow! Now the chances of that are pretty slim. That's cool, we are desk twins 😎

Yup! Lol

This is what I need. Something simple. I loved my office upstairs and had to leave my huge desk down there because I didn’t want to take it apart.

Wayfair is the way to go, they have literally everything. Such little effort to put this thing together or take it apart.

Let me know if you want a link to this specific desk, I can get that for you.

It's definitely going to be nice to have an actual area to work in now. I had mostly just either been using my MacBook Pro on my lap or working from my iPhone. Here lately everything has been on my phone honestly, that needs to change 😅

It would be cool to get one, but for now I am trying to decide if we are going to be staying in our home or not. Here where I live houses are selling for like 80k over their appraised value. So I am trying to talk my wife into letting us sell.

I thought you were talking about moving. That's dope if it's a good opportunity to make the sell. Much better than having to leave later on for whatever reason, then having to sell at a much lower price.

Good luck with the convincing!

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Hmmm Swanky!

Hi, my friend @daltono

I congratulate you on that acquisition.

An iMac is my dream hehe

I like your apartment.

A big hug

I seriously am so thrilled to be able to make this purchase. I'm very excited to have a new desktop at last, I haven't had once since my first iMac in 2009.

Thank you by the way. I love my apartment, although it is pretty small. I do well with the space that I have and am happy.


Congratulations she bought your desk from a bunch of child trafficking pedophiles. I'm not exaggerating nor am I joking. They would have a missing child's name in front of different products, that normally went for under 50 bucks, for over $10,000+

I'd suggest doing a deep dive into them to see how vile of a company they truly are.

Well first... she didn't buy it. She got it for free by participating in Wayfair’s Tried & Trued program. You should look at it, it is a great initiative. It motivates my mom to spend time writing and creating content in exchange for furniture. I’m proud of her for doing that & I am not sure that she would be if it wasn’t for Wayfair’s encouragement. For that alone I like the company, because they give my mother an outlet of creativity in exchange for something valuable.

As for how Wayfair has so much money and is able to give out so much free stuff... all I can say is it must be nice to be at the top of Wayfair. We cannot be certain what exactly goes on at that company. One thing is for sure, they have a wide selection of household items to choose from (such as my new desk {which doesn’t have child blood on it anywhere}.)

The trafficking thing... I remember when that information first surfaced. I have already done a deep dive, months ago. Nobody is talking about it anymore. That means if it is true, nobody did anything to stop it.

It is a vile idea, but something like this could have been photoshopped or changed by hackers. The product listings did say what you claim, I am aware. Imagine trying to keep up with the product ID for millions of items, that’s not happening. Maybe a prankster employee had a sick and demented mind, which encouraged them to pull a fast one on the world just to get a laugh. That’s something I would do, I mean it does sound funny to trick people that damn good. Somebody who slipped through security measures decided to make some changes. Maybe it is all true what you say. Really anything is possible when loosh is in the equation. The point is, I needed a desk. I am not trying to ignore a company that can offer me a good off of some heresay.

I disagree with you commenting such a shocking thing on my little ol’ blog, but whatever floats your boat, it is Hive... you’re in the right place to say whatever you want. If you hate Wayfair, keep it up. That means that my momma will have less competition to scoop the limited items available to review.

Delta-8 got me typing tonight 🧑🏻‍🚀🚀🛰☄️🪐🔭