Have you planned anything in this year ?

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Seasonal greetings
I want to use this opportunity to give God Glory to what He has done for us . We see this 2022 is by His Grace not by strength nor might but by His untranslated love He has for us.

Have you set aside or plan on how this year will go ?

A lot of people get confused on what to do in this new year and the fast someone plan on how his activities will go the better for the person. The following tips will guide us to plan we in all our activities this year:

For youths
Just like last year 2021, many youths get confused on their talent. Some people move first beforing acknowledging God, but it shouldn't be . The Bible says in (Proverb 3:6) acknowledge God in all your ways and He shall direct you. Having said that,another thing youths should bear in mind is .... What do you like doing? What is that thing that gives you joy when you do it ? Is it going to university ( school) Or business?

If you are the type that likes seeing blood without running, if you are the type that loves working in hospital ,that means that your destiny lies in medical fields. ( medicine, pharmacy, nursing, Rehabilitation and other medical fields ) . The to those that likes mathematics, further mathematics are for Engineering students mostly and those that can draw the whole world 🙊🙊🙊should go to theatre art /drawing.
People who might consider school as scam are advised to enter business and make a good set up in this year. Everyone will not go school,the best thing is whatever we do,we should do it in a way that pleases God.

Some parents instead of working had to bring the family up, they begin to decline in their works. Many times I had seen parents mostly father that made alcohol as his hubby. A lot of parents take alcohol so much that it turns them to tatterdemalion. A responsible man don't over drink .

For parents, their make focus should be on how to train their children very well. If you are the type that has finished training your children ,you can train your neighbour's children . You can engage people into scholarship and by so doing, God Almighty will bless us abundantly. Amen !
One thing I know is that by Grace of God, this year 2022 will be a year of favour for us. Amen !

ablegod prays always for everyone here.