Two very beautiful and attractive species (Epistrophe and Leptocorisa)

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Yesterday I I found two species of small animals in my uncle's garden in the village next to my village where I live in Tunoeng, here I found a fly and a small insect or better known as Epistrophe and Leptocorisa as it came out on google lens when I searched know about the names and types of these two small animal species.

And on this occasion, as usual, I'm back to capturing some portraits of the two small animal species and I hope you like some of my hunting pictures yesterday in this garden.

Epistrophe is a genus of flies in the family Syrphidae, the hoverflies or flower flies.......Wikipedia


Leptocorisa[1] is a genus of broad-headed bugs in the family Alydidae.......Wikipedia


LocationAceh, Indonesia

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