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Such stunning captures, the macro is incredible. Like the thorn of the caterpillar.
Beautiful captures of the creatures. The moth is nice.
Have a great week further. 👋🏻
Hope you had a nice Halloween @borjan 🎃👻


Thanks. 😃 Yes, it was a nice Halloween. The weather is unusually warm. It's like a springtime Halloween. Right now, just before dawn, there is plenty of fog in town. If the fog is still there when the sky gets blue, and if I don't fall asleep again while waiting for the sky to get blue, I think I'll go to the cemetery to take a few photographs with lanterns in the mist. Hope your Halloween was nice too.

You are welcome @borjan 😊👋🏻
That’s strange and unusual, warm weather… we notice it here too. Temperatures still way up.
That’s sounds lovely. Hope you did get the blue skies and could take some cemetery shots with lanterns.
Looking forward to them, if you managed 😉😎 and didn’t fall asleep hahaha !LOL
Have an awesome day!

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now we just call him Phil.

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