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Stegobium paniceum has a distant cousin named lasioderma serricorne, they are also known as cigarette beetles.
These nasty dudes like to live inside spice powers or tobacco, they almost look similar but have a shiny exoskeleton.

I have seen both first ones outside the house sometimes they enter in the home and sit on anything, I had bitten by them also, the latter live in the kitchen spice jars, I guess the spices sometimes carry their egg and they get hatched at room temperature, they can even burrow in hot pepper and chili powder, they are very tough built to survive.

Oh, it is so nice to see you talking about movies, I like Trainspotting by the way. Thanks a lot



Thanks. 🙂Glad you like the post.
I read about those cigarette beetles on the Internet while preparing the post, but I never saw them. Although is much better not to have them in the house, 😃I would kinda like to have them so I can photograph them and make a post.

😅🤣 True.. I don't have a DSLR camera otherwise I had dropped some images here.