INSECTS & SPIDERS IN ACTION - VOLUME 5 (Only insects this time)

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While rambling around the woods and meadows in search of interesting stuff to photograph, I also record short videos from time to time. When I accumulate enough footage, usually about 15 - 25 minutes, it's time to organize that stuff in a relatively coherent video and put it on 3Speak ... to stay there, hopefully forever.
I recorded the insects you'll see in the video, during the last month. Have a good viewing. :)

In the following text, you'll find the names of the species, or just families when I wasn't able to find the exact species. As always in this series, the insects are listed in order in which they appear in the video ... from first to the last, from the start to the end.

00 : 00 - 00 : 37 The Hipparchia statilinus butterfly is feeding on the small flowers of the Eryngium campestre plant. These butterflies like dry and sunny habitats. The larvae feed on various grasses from the Poaceae family.

00 : 37 - 00 : 52 The Machimus setibarbus robber fly (Asilidae family) has caught some minuscule black wasp on the Euphorbia cyparissias plant that grows on the stony terrain near the sea.

00 : 52 - 01 : 11 The Sympetrum vulgatum dragonfly on the dry straw of grass. At one point, the insect flies away ... and then returns.

01 : 11 - 03 : 41 Some small, vividly yellow caterpillar of an inchworm type is feeding on the Euphorbia cyparissias. This is the larva of some moth from the Geometridae family. I don't know the exact species.

03 : 41 - 04 : 40 The larva of some moth from the Psychidae family. Moths from these family are commonly known as the bagworm moths.

04 : 40 - 07 : 34 The Eupholidoptera schmidti bush - crickets feeding and singing on the blackberry shrubs near the sea.

07 : 34 - 10 : 30 This scene revolves around the small pool of water in between the three main branches of some old oak tree. Here you can see the shiny green beetle from the Geotrupidae family - the Trypocopris vernalis, and the Cyclophora puppillaria, a well camouflaged moth from the Geometridae family. The moth is just resting on the fallen leaves, while the beetles are climbing along the branches and feeding on the rotting material in the shallow pool.

10 : 30 - 10 : 59 Here you can see some small grasshopper nymph, I don't know the species, and an adult green - brown version of the Omocestus rufipes grasshopper that can come in a couple of different color combinations.

10 : 59 - 11 : 12 Beautiful, alien - like nymph of the Empusa pennata mantis.

11 : 12 - 11 : 23 Another grasshopper nymph resting on the dried out grass. I don't know the species.

11 : 23 - 11 : 37 In this short excerpt, you can see two butterfly species from the Lycaenidae family feeding on the Eryngium campestre plant. Quite a few similar looking butterflies from this family are present in the area, so I can't tell you the exact names here.

11 : 37 - 11 : 47 The Hipparchia statilinus again! This time, the butterfly is feeding near the country lane in between two small villages, about 40 kilometers from where I live. The cars are passing by.

11 : 47 - 12 : 03 Cylindromyia bicolor, an interesting fly from the Tachinidae family.

12 : 03 - 15 : 17 Some wasp, I have no idea about the species, is feeding on the tiny flowers of the Crithmum maritimum plant that grows among the pebbles very close to the sea. Today, while preparing the post, I learned that this edible, very tasty and aromatic plant is commonly known as the rock samphire or the sea fennel in English.

15 : 17 - 16 : 16 This is the female of the Caliscelis bonellii planthopper. The males of this Mediterranean species that inhabits stony areas looks pretty different.

16 : 16 - 16 : 28 The Machimus setibarbus again! This time, the robber fly has caught a green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata)

16 : 28 - 17 : 01 The Nymph of Dicranocephalus agilis bug is feeding on sap of the cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias)

17 : 01 - 17 : 27 An adult Dicranocephalus agilis bug is resting on the grass near the cypress spurge.

17 : 27 - 17 : 45 Carpocoris pudicus bugs. As you can see on this short excerpt, the color of this species can vary slightly.

17 : 45 - 17 : 49 A brown lacewing. Micromus angulatus is the name of the species.

17 : 49 - 18 : 11 Locusta migratoria grasshoppers mating.

18 : 11 - 18 : 55 The well camouflaged Oedaleus decorus grasshopper on the dry meadow near the sea.

18 : 55 - 18 : 59 Neozephyrus quercus butterfly feeding on the Crithmum maritimum plant.

18 : 59 - 19 : 17 The silver-washed fritillary (Argynnis paphia) resting on the forest floor.

19 : 17 - 24 : 03 Female Maniola jurtina butterfly feeding and flying around the Eryngium Amethystinum plants. Some wasps, bees, and flies can also be seen flying in this relatively long stretch of the video.

24 : 03 - THE END Some cute, furry flies from Bombyliidae family, feeding on the same plant, the Eryngium Amethystinum on the meadow near the sea.

And that's all. Hope you enjoyed this mini - documentary. Have a good day, or night, wherever on the planet you are. As always in these posts on HIVE, the video is my work - THE END.

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Great shots and video as always. Inspires me to take some video next time I'm out in the field

As always, it is a great pleasure to read your publications I always find everything very interesting, thank you for contributing to this great community, greetings

Greetings. :) Glad you like this insect stuff.

Videography 🙌🙌🙌

WOW!!! Nice Insects video.Great Job ........

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