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At the end of September 2021, I spent an hour or so in the meadows and pine groves just outside my hometown.


The fly in this opening shot ...


... was photographed on the leaf of the Ecballium elaterium, a plant that is commonly known as the squirting cucumber. In this enlargeable photograph, you can see its fruits that disperse their seed by squirting out a stream of mucilaginous liquid that contains those seeds. The small cucumbers in this photograph are pretty ripe and a slight touch would be enough to make them explode.


This small fly from the Opomyzidae family, the Geomyza tripunctata ...


... was the first insect I encountered on that occasion.


In this series of eight consecutive shots, you can see the fly cleaning its hind legs and wings. The larvae of this species live and feed in the tunnels made inside the stems of various grasses. Dactylis glomerata and Lolium perenne among others. Adults feed on nectar.


I spent only about half an hour around the lush growth of Ecballium elaterium. This plant thrives in humid, shady places, an environment that can usually be found on the edges of the meadow, under the first line of trees.


This minuscule fly from the Drosophilidae family, the Scaptomyza pallida ...


... was photographed on the yellow flower of the plant.


The insect was busy cleaning its mouth and eyes.


In this enlargeable photograph, you can take a good look at its pretty long, completely stretched feeding apparatus that isn't always visible.


Here you can see the female of the Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus).


Its swollen red abdomen was filled with my blood. This species is native to Southeast Asia. It's present in Europe since 1979. Just like the Ecballium elaterium, various mosquitoes thrive in humid, shady places under the pines.


And that's it. Time flies, half an hour can't last long. With this portrait of the Ecballium elaterium flower, the post must end.



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Hello friend @borjan incredible shots, yes the female tiger mosquito fed full with your blood. Where I live there are a lot of mosquitoes and they are intense and annoying. Cheers.

!discovery 30

This is amazing. Steering your photos over and over wants to make me turn to a photographer 😅

Thanks 😄Glad that the post had that effect.

Great macro shots @borjan beautifully captured.
The big red eyes of the fly… and then it’s contrast with the yellow flower of the plants

I do not like mosquitoes especially the tiger ones, I do react badly to them and really need to avoid being bitten. I get a full allergic reaction in my entire body just with one bite.
Always a challenge in south Spain to keep them out.
Have a great evening!

Yes, the allergic reaction turns the simple annoying bait into something serious. I would avoid them too if my body reacted that way.

Yes, I so try too.
Thanks @borjan 😁 have a great day ☀️

That was a very productive hour. BTW how long was you writing this article?

This was a quick one, About half an hour, I think. Most of that time was spent searching for the scientific names of the insects.

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Hello, it's amazing how you can capture the smallest detail with your camera. Congratulations @borjan

Thank you 🙂

Great pics as usual !

Brilliant, thanks for sharing.

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There are rare and beautiful phenomena, a mosquito bite may bring symptoms of dizziness and allergy while a bee bite is good for the immune system. I like taking pictures of insects on top of green plants. I love your macro shots
Asia has more insects species

This is a great shot 📸
Wow 🥰
Lovely insects

The relationship between sharing is very beautiful and also the insects on the flowers I really like your photography, I hope you have a happy day, greetings from me from Aceh

the little fly looks like a really terrible monster

I'm impressed you managed to photograph such a small mosquito. it was incredible

great pictures

Mosquitoes are diseased by their bites.


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