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While rambling around the meadows and taking photographs in the last month or so, I recorded some video - fragments along the way ... and now ... here ... I organized them in another relatively coherent video, the second in the series - Have a good viewing.

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Here are the names of the species, or just families when I wasn't able to find the exact species, that you'll see, or already saw in the video ... as always in this series, the insects and spiders are listed in order in which they appear in the video ... from first to the last, from the start to the end.

  1. The juvenile Neoscona adianta spider, much smaller and with different colors & markings than the adults, is feeding on some leafhopper's nymph caught in the cobweb. 00:00 - 00:33

  2. The Pseudocleonus cinereus weevil is chewing the juicy flowers of the Lathyrus sylvestris plant ... related to the cultivated pea. 00:33 - 00:49

  3. The minuscule Macrotylus paykulli bug is feeding on the large leaf of the Dittrichia viscosa plant. 00:49 - 03:08

  4. The Tropinota squalida beetles are mating on the top of the Plantago lanceolata plant. 03:08 - 03:13

  5. The Synema globosum crab spider has caught an ant ... it's early in the morning, plenty of dew all around the meadow, and the ant somehow ended up caught inside a droplet of water. 03:13 - 03:29

  6. Some very small fly, probably from the Drosophilidae family ... is feeding on some particles found on the leaf of the Dittrichia viscosa plant. 03:29 - 04:16

  7. A large group of minuscule pollen beetles, the Brassicogethes aeneus, is feeding on the big composite flower of the Carduus nutans thistle. 04:16 - 06:58

  8. An adult Neoscona adianta spider has caught a pretty big nymph of the marbled bush - cricket. 06:58 - 07:18

  9. Crematogaster melanogaster ants are dismantling the dead bee. 07:18 - 07:31

  10. Some little cockroach is feeding on the edible carpet made of Helichrysum italicum flowers. I don't know the exact species, but it is definitely pretty different from the cockroaches found in urban areas. 07:31 - 07:52

  11. Some small larva, and here again can't tell you the exact species, has built a casing from small dry fragments fallen from the Erica arborea shrub ... and now, well hidden & protected, is feeding on the Helichrysum italicum that grows underneath. 07:52 - 09:04

  12. The mating ritual of the rock bristletails, some species of the fascinating, evolutionary primitive insects from the Meinertellidae family. 09:04 - 09:37

  13. A group of Coptosoma scutellatum bugs. Some of them are mating. 09:37 - 10:22

  14. Some small predatory fly from the Asilidae family has caught a small bug. 10:22 - 10:35

  15. Some minuscule beetle from the Anthicidae family is resting and cleaning its leg on the interesting sprout of the reed that grows near the pool of brackish water near the sea. Beetles from this relatively obscure family are commonly known as antlike flower beetles. This video - fragment was recorded at dusk. 10:35 - 11:14

  16. The Phosphuga atrata carrion beetle is enjoying some insect remains on the dusty terrain near the sea. I recorded this final video - fragment at night ... with a little help of the head lamp on my forehead. 11:16 - THE END

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As always in these posts on HIVE, the vieo is my work - THE END.


@tipu curate 🐞

Love it, now all we need is a fictional narration of this macro alien world.

Hi @borjan,I saw the video, I clicked on the second link, these animals are incredible as is the camera with which you focus on them, you can see every detail, the shells they carry, the legs, the antennae, everything, in the end it looks like a movie in which the protagonist makes his way, I liked seeing that, good video and thanks for the explanation you add.

Wow. Really cool video compilation. 🦗🐞🐝🕷🐜

Thanks :)

This is a good video of insects! You always do good!

Thanks :)

Nice work and video upload


Wow! You know all the names of the insects! So, the video upload works smoothly today! Great job!

Yes, today everything was quick and easy. :) I spent quite a few hours yesterday searching for the names.