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RE: (Eng-Esp) The golden fly Atylotus loewianus // La mosca dorada Atylotus loewianus

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Excellent friend @adalger, I'm glad that again my publications have been liked by the community. Because of my profession, arthropods are part of my life, so I always like to teach relevant aspects about these invertebrates, again grateful for the support, greetings!


That's actually the spirit of DNA 😁 .. I am glad that we have you joined there .. I suppose your publications will be some that are very present in the DNA Species Hunt Program .. by the way, you may be interested to participate in the Insects Contest too with them .. they would be excellent entriesand the contest would benefit highly from them 👍

Sounds interesting about the contest, where can I see the rules or requirements of the contest, @adalger? I have some publications pending, maybe I can use some of them for the contest.

You can always find all the contests in the DNA Discord in the #contestAndActivities channel .. but the contest is also always rebloged in my personal blog .. maybe just open my blog, you find the contest there very easily 😉