Putting holes in the ground and how many plugs will we need? Stick Up Boys Studio build

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Herre is our third video of building a new music studio. This time we have been digging holes and adding concrete for the base of the studio! It has been quite slow going after levelling the garden off as the whole garden is now a mud bath and we have had quite a lot of rain. What you can see is that halfway through the day the cement mixer broke and there is a quick change!

Hopefully next week we will start building the floow and the base. The wood is now all piled up in the garden to do this. The current question we have is how many plugs we will need? I mean we have a lot of equipment!

The video

This was shot on time lapse using an Ipad. We then added it to hit film express did some colour correction and changing of the speed. We then used a green screen video to add one of the boys playing bongos! We also thought we better do a bit of an introduction screen to our building videos as we are planning to do a few over the next 6 weeks.

The shadows

It was quite a sunny day for this one and the shadows are moving! The trees and the trampoline get a staring role again. As the day goes on you can see the shadows looming over the garden as it is getting darker.

The Song

The song is an old song You Got the Love which is not out on general release but we liked the vibe for this video.

You can listen to lots of our music here on spotify:

BIg up the shadows that makes things come to life!

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Oh shoot. Super neat.

chhers bro we cant wait till it is done!

I can't wait till we collaborate. You heard of Emanate?

One extension cord and a dozen power strips all plugged into each other 😉

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