Cutting, fixings with accurate and correct measurement of a reinforcement bar for blinding of fence foundation mat { Life of an Engineer}

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Steel reinforcement are steel bars that are provided in combination with plain cement concrete to make it reinforced concrete. Hence these structures form steel reinforced cement concrete structure (R.C.C). Steel reinforcement is commonly called as ‘rebars.



The measuring of the iron rod is c\c 200
Which it will have a runner of full length.








  • Compatibility with Concrete:

The fresh concrete is placed on the formwork mold already prepared with reinforcement. The steel reinforcement won’t float in concrete during the concrete placing procedure. Hence, steel reinforcement does not demand special tying up with formworks.

  • Robustness of Steel Reinforcement:

The steel bars are robust in nature that they have the ability to withstand the rigors, the wear and tear during the construction activities.

  • Bent Property of Steel Reinforcement:

The steel bars once manufactured to standard size, it can be bent to the required specifications. Hence fabricated steel bars are delivered easily at the site.

  • Recycling Property:

The steel reinforced left over after the service life of a structure is recycled again and used for new construction.

  • Easily Available:

Every region of a country will have a steel supplier or manufacturer. Hence steel reinforcement is easily available.



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Your post brings back memories. One of my first jobs as a youngster was helping dad work with concrete. My job was to tie off the bars.

Wow really, it's not easy doing that? But it requires skills and strengths to do it with determination...

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