My DIY spot welder

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Dear Friends,

Today, I just finished my spot welder that my friend requested me to build. The spot welder has two main components - the on off timer and the microwave transformer.

The on-off timer

The timer is built with arduino pro mini. Other main components include

  1. oled
  2. 5V rectifier
  3. 12 V relay
  4. rotary encoder

The photo of the timer is as follow.


Rotary encoder is used to adjust and set the on-time of the relay. The set time is shown on the oled. The Arduino code for the pro mini was uploaded to my github at

The transformer

Old microwave transformer was used. The primary coil was kept and the secondary coil was replaced with 7044 wire.



The result

I tested with 800ms on time and the result was pretty good. I am happy with the result.



  • I could not find the old microwave oven at first. It took some time to get one.
  • I felt doubtful that I would be able to build one and that hindered my work progress. I had to motivate and push myself to finish the project.

I will hand over this to my friend tomorrow. I didn't get into details on how I built it because the wire connection details were written in the Arduino programme I provided in the GitHub link above. If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a nice day!

9th Feb 2022


It's happy to have your project succeed!

Thank you! !LUV

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Yay! 🤗
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cool build! I've bookmarked it for later and reblogged it!

Thank you!

Happy birthday! How do I spread LUV? is it like !hivebits ? I see you are linked

Spending...the LUVstore at is the only place I know that accepts LUV currently. Of course you can spend it to anyone who is willing to accept it, just send it from your wallet to theirs. HBIT...yes, they are similar in that they are comment-based tokens. The difference with LUV is that the other person gets the LUV token, with HBIT, you get 90% of it (you get 100% if you reply to yourself).

Thanks for clarifying it for me!

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