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RE: Trigonometry Identities: sin(-x) = - sin(x) and cos(-x) = cos(x)

in MES Science4 months ago

I absolutely agree with you that this material is highly specialized and is applied mathematics, for application in a certain field of activity, it is not clear why children are tormented by this at school? If they are interested in mathematics, they will love it, like chess, which not everyone loves :)


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I think it comes down to perspective and also what the purpose of school is haha Math was the easy part for me, social studies / history / reading / writing was the hard part! One thing I wish every school teaches is financial planning / literacy, taxes, and citizenship rights / responsibilities. Interestingly, I started my math channel because I didn't like the way math was taught in school haha

Maybe they teach well. but not everyone needs it so deeply :)

Fair point!