2011 HIV/AIDS Documentary: The Emperor’s New Virus?

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In this video I have uploaded a 2011 supplemental documentary to the earlier 2009 House of Numbers documentary by Brent Leung. In this follow-up documentary, Brent interviews biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos in examining the evidence and overall lack of evidence for the existence of a unique virus called HIV. The supposed Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is assumed to cause Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Eleni is the leader of The Perth Group, which is a group of scientists in Perth, Australia that have been researching the “HIV/AIDS” saga for the past 3 decades. She goes over the work of Luc Montagnier (credited with a Nobel Prize for the supposed discovery of HIV), Robert Gallo (later credited with co-discovering HIV), and several other prominent figures in the “HIV/AIDS” debate. Eleni shows that even after decades, there is not any satisfactory proof of the very existence of HIV, thus discounting entirely that it could be the cause of AIDS. Neither Montagnier or Gallo, or any other scientist since has provided electron microscope images of a truly purified sample of supposed HIV particles with the accepted morphology, size, and minimal cellular contamination. Even without purification, there has not been any proof of the 9 supposed (primary) proteins of HIV, nor is there proof that the antibodies and reverse transcriptase (RT) activity obtained are specific to HIV.

The ramifications of this documentary are that the world has been manipulated through the fear of a tiny invisible and likely non-existent particle. Fast-forward to today, and the world is under the same spell but under a different name…

Here is a list of the papers and sources referenced in the video, with their timestamps.

The original Emperor’s New Virus documentary can be viewed in the following sources:

Additional links and sources:

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