Very Interesting Magnetism Experiments and Theory by The Good Vibrations

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The Good Vibrations YouTube channel has a very interesting theory on magnetism and gravity being both different forms of aether "dielectric" centripetal flows; magnetism is a vortex bi-lateral inwards flow at the poles and gravity is radially centripetal forming a common center of mass. And his experiments involving magnets are even more intriguing!

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I watch every video that TGV makes. His experiments are some of the best that I've seen on YT. I would suggest also subbing to ImaVking. That kid is doing some interesting stuff with high voltage.

Here are a few other good ones:


Thanks for the follow!

Small world! I just saw your comment while researching Vortex Math for my latest video; which may very well be the most comprehensive video on the topic (I'll be uploading it to DTube/Steem/Hive/etc. too haha).

And yup, Good Vibrations is great! It's refreshing seeing magnetism experiments beyond the standard iron filings.

I'll definitely check out the others you mentioned!

Please consider using 3speak instead of Dtube if you're going to upload videos.

Regarding vortex math, I'm very familiar with that but it's not very useful unfortunately. If you REALLY want to study vortexes you should look into what Viktor Schauberger says about the flow of water. He's the guy who was forced to help Hitler make anti-gravity "UFOs."

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Yeah, I've started uploading to 3Speak too (and BitChute). My video notes I put on Hive and reference them on all platforms so I basically use the Steem blockchain to promote Hive haha (I'm currently powering all my steem down).

And yeah I've researched Viktor's work. I think he, along with the vortex math folks and many others, all have pieces of the puzzle and I'm looking to fit it all together. Essentially, they are dancing around the concept of "counterspace" or non-Cartesian omni-vector force which is the inverse of what we typically consider as "space" or "force in a specific direction". Even Marko's "Rodin Coil", which claims to be over-unity (I think it is), is mimicking water vortex flow in a drain, but this time the drain is "non-spacial". (I'm also trying to figure out if I can find a relationship between prime numbers and vortex math haha). Anyways, I will hope to explain this in detail in future videos so stay tuned!

Also, In the near future I will look to replicate this random Russian's anti-gravity device, which I believe is the real deal...