Transformations of Functions - Graphing Sine and Cosine Example

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In this video I go through a very useful example on how to graph a sine function using the principles of transformations, such as vertical and horizontal translations and stretching. I also show how you can easily switch between graphing the cosine and sine of a function using the simple trigonometric identity sin(x +pi/2) = cos(x). I go through in extreme detail in a step by step method on how to graph it so make sure you watch this video because it is pretty much the only example you are going to need on graphing sine and cosine functions!

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Transformation of Functions - Example

Transformations Example - Trigonometry graphing.PNG

Graphing Trigonometry Functions

Example 1








Example 3






Thank You for constantly uploading my posts. I stopped doing math videos, because I feel like noone needs them. Maybe I will do them again in the future.

Yup. Always keep doing math videos! I view math as a great brain exercise, so if others find my videos useful, that's an added bonus lol

For You it is like that, because You are enginner and math is hobby for You, it is Your second strong side. But I finished math studies so for me math is main and only domain of powerfulness, I feel less satisfaction when I do too much of something, and it happens when I do math videos. And when I search for work, I feel like math is useless, none company needs it.

Awesome work and I appreciate it. Keep up the good work moving.

Wow such an educative posts. Thanks for your support and this.

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