Recover Deleted Files from your External Memory Card with PC Inspector File Recovery (FREE)

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My friend Sophia Velasquez accidentally formatted her external memory card and thus got all her files deleted so she asked if I could help get them back. Well I did some investigation and found out that is pretty easy to recover deleted files because they don't actually get "deleted"! This video is a must watch if you ever accidentally delete files on your computer or external hard drives, etc.

PC Inspector File Recovery download link:

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Recover Deleted Files from an External Memory Card

Using PC Inspector File Recovery Program (FREE)

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Files Aren't Always Permanently Deleted

Most operating systems, by default, delete only the link to the file:


This means the files are not "permanently" deleted unless over-written by saving another file over it.

It is pretty easy to recover links to the files and hence the deleted files themselves.

For important information such as personal or financial information that needs to be permanently deleted, this can be done with another program called "Eraser".

PC Inspector File Recovery Download Link

The PC Inspector File Recovery Download can be downloaded from the following link:

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