Rationalizing the Denominator

in MES Science2 years ago

In this video, I go over a very simple but very important concept known as rationalizing the denominator. This basically changes the denominator from an irrational number to a rational one. This can greatly simplify functions and sometimes this method is necessary when dealing with limits where the denominator is equal to 0. So make sure to watch this video!

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Rationalizing the Denominator

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“Making an irrational denominator to a rational one”






Hi, can You destroy delegation I gave You? I cannot stop it, I click "Revoke" but it does not work - can You do it or not?
Best wishes.

Hey, there doesn't appear to have an option on my wallet to remove your delegation.

Which Hive interface are you using? Maybe try Peakd.com or Hive.blog depending on which one you have used already.


Let me know which one works!

Thanks. I tried PeakD and it worked, however Hive Keychain did not work I had to log with hivesigner.
And I dont like that Peakdd as everyday platform, I prefer hive.blog for casual use and PeakD is probably better for extreme things.
Thanks a lot. I realised that there is no point in keeping that Hive Power as curation rewards are 0 anyway for someone who earn HP only by posts not by buying Hive.

 2 years ago (edited)

Sounds good, I understand.

Note that another good way of viewing Hive is with https://ecency.com/. They have iPhone, Android, and Web apps as well. I currently use the Android app on my phone which is pretty good!

On the Hive Keychain, have you added both your posting and active keys?

I couldnt add keys to Hive Keychain because it was printing error just after entering username. But it does not matter - hivesigner worked so i dont care.

Sounds good!