Problems Plus - Example 3: |x-3| + |x+2| less than 3

in MES Sciencelast year

It's time for another problems plus example video! In this video I go through a pretty tough example on solving inequalities that involve absolute values. I break down the absolute values into "cases" and show how you can solve the inequality in a step by step fashion.

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Problems Plus – Example 3

Problems Plus Example 3.jpg

Solve the inequality

|x – 3| + |x + 2| < 11








Hi. Do You know if there is an option to write on Hive with LateX? Probably not because You dont use it.
I would like to write more math posts but my hand writing is so bad to read for others that there is no sense. And without LateX I cannot right anything nontrivial directly on Hive.

That would be good to have! I'm not sure if there is any options for LateX yet.

Note that Hive is just a blockchain mainly for text, so just about any text-based application can be built on top. Thus, one would just have to program that into any particular website to render the equations accordingly.

Until LateX is integrated into or, you could work around it by screenshotting images of LateX code from other websites and pasting them on Hive.

Yeah, now I can regret I am so weak at programming.
I am so weak at programming that recently I made a post in Polish in which I explain how I did not learn programming since 2013 :(

haha yeah programming is a useful skill. And sounds like this would make for a good proposal to get funding for!